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    Funny Fallout 3 glitch

    That's the problem, it never ends, so I had to stop his misery :E
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    Funny Fallout 3 glitch

    Found this video of a new glitch in Fallout 3, it's pretty funny. :thumbs:
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    Portal: Prelude Released

    Does anybody have others mirrors than FilePlanet?
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    Gordon Calls In

    That was great!
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    Left 4 Dead - Dated

    Have plenty of things do do in the meanwhile, so I don't mind it and I'll be patient... unlike some mofo's here...
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    Black Mesa Media Update!

    Check it out! You should post it in the news, it's grand! :eek:
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    Merry Christmas from GLaDOS

    It doesn't work! It hangs after a while and it's annyoing... can someone post a video of this or something?
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    Describe your first kiss.

    LOL, that happenend to me as well the first time... :P Strangely enough, when I kissed some random girl who thought I was cute, I didn't get a boner at all...
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    Describe your first kiss.

    I was 14 and was dating this girl some months, and I was very nervous... but the first kiss ever was in the school. It sucked hard. Then one hour later we did it again and it was very nice. However, this was all without tongue, so does this really count? Nah, probably not... Anyway, a week...
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    Black Mesa Source

    As soon as it comes out AND Half-life 2 has the HDR and graphics updates from Episode 2 and 2, HELL YEAH, COUNT ME IN! NON STOP HALF-LIFE! :D
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    HL2 still amazes me...

    As soon as they'll add HDR and the graphics updates to Half-Life 2, I'll play it through again. :)
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    We Love You Dr Freeman

    I love it :thumbs:
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    The most intresting conversation I have ever heard.

    Well, that's random...
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    PARANOIA - Soon

    Wait, it was Half-Life? Not HL2? Very impressive.
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Shadow of Chernobyl Now Available on Steam

    This game is AMAZING. I really love it and recommend it to everyone. The atmosphere is unleveled.
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    I just don't get it. I just don't.

    CSS is a single player game, you actually thought you were playing with other people? :P
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    Valve Bans Bioshock

    Holy shit, the thread title scared the crap out of me. Glad the actual news isn't so bad. ;)
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    High Definition Orange Box Art for PS3, 360 and PC

    Guys, it's five games in one box. FIVE. Five excellent, highly demanded games for a regular price. I really think it's unbelievable great. :)
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    My favorite YTMND

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    Ack! I'm sick and at work!!

    Have a cookie from us. :)