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  1. kiwii

    Will It Work Okay?

    sorry, but no. Buy some more memory and a new gfx card, what speed was your cpu ?
  2. kiwii

    Anyone else not touched HL-2 Since they bought it?

    yes, i touch my copy of hl2 more then I do my girlfriend :thumbs:
  3. kiwii

    HLDM like cartoon...

    wtf, why would you like to play the game like that?
  4. kiwii

    HL2 DM Map King of the Hill in beta testing.

    looks really dark ... maybie brighten it up a bit?
  5. kiwii

    dm_complex, wip, 30 mins..1 screen

    im still waiting for more screens T_T
  6. kiwii

    RELEASE: dm_scorpius BETA 1

    looks very nice. but every time I try to start a server with this map it craches :( ? edit; nwm I fixed it :o
  7. kiwii

    is it just a deathmatch?

    this thread is retarded
  8. kiwii

    is it just a deathmatch?

    What ???
  9. kiwii

    [WIP]DM_Bunker <--YAY first map!

    your first map ? .... godamn it... its sooo well done ... i've been mapping for a while but my maps still looks like horse poo if i compare it with yours... gj!
  10. kiwii

    scoutzknivez: Not a silly port.

    this looks pretty good
  11. kiwii

    dust2 problem

    delete your dust2 map, then connect to a server. it will download it for you
  12. kiwii

    OMFG... check out this DM map!!

    im so jealous, my maps look like dog poo after watching these screens :(
  13. kiwii

    Really disturbing problem with game!

    so what? the computer reboots when you save for the 2:nd time? all the time ?
  14. kiwii

    hehe look what I made! (lots of pics inside)

    haha thats ´freaking awsome
  15. kiwii


    you need to UNrar them with winrar... or something.
  16. kiwii

    odd low fps in dm

    yes thats ****ing crap dude :afro:
  17. kiwii

    objects floating on water

    il try that... thx
  18. kiwii

    objects floating on water

    is it possible to make a brush with the pshybox and make big floating wood thingy, like a raft or something. i've tried but the brush keeps going under the water instead of floating :( any suggestions ?
  19. kiwii

    spawning enemies

    thanks a bunch guys :)
  20. kiwii

    spawning enemies

    how the hell do I spawn enemies? im doing a survival map where you have to survive waves of zombies, but I cant figure out how to do it. im pretty sure it involves Entities thou... anyone know ?