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    I love it. Do you? And many other drugs.
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    Coroner: U.S. killed British TV reporter A little snip from the article: I really did not know about this untill today.
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    Study: 655,000 Iraqis die because of war
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    Decided to post another StratFor article ya'll might find interesting.
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    AWOL soldier plans to return from Canada
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    Light A Candle It's nothing bad, just do it.
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    Vote for me.

    Why? I'm just so god damn awesome. That's why.
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    Libertarian Party

    I was wondering if there is anyone else here that supports the US Libertarian Party other then me? For those that don't know what the Libertarian Party is, check these links:
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    British boy sneaks on plane in London Bwhahahaha...Even after the whole terrorist plot bullshit, a little boy was able to sneak on a plane.
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    College American Football

    Ok, well the first games start Aug 31. Which is about 2 weeks post here who you're going for, stats, who you think will win, or anything else relating to college football. Here's USA Todays preseason top 25 poll: 1.Ohio State (28) 2.Texas (11) 3.Notre Dame (9) 3.USC (1) 5.Oklahoma...
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    Road To Guantanamo

    Has anyone seen this yet? Here's the trailer to it.
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    4 killed when Israeli bomb hits U.N. post Here's a snip of the article: So, do you think this will make more enemies in the U.N. and/or throughout the world, against Israels campaign?
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    War on Terrorism

    How do you fight against a strategy used by people for violence? Who the hell could believe that shit? That's like saying you're gonna fight a war on the blitzkrieg. Seems like after the fall of the Soviet Union, the government needed something to keep it at the centerstage of power, which has...
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    Uncle x2

    My older brother's wife just gave birth to a girl. She's 8 pounds. ^_^ So now I'm an uncle of a nephew and niece.
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    Donny Deutsch

    Ann Coulter is on his show "The BIG Idea" right now, on CNBC. Man he is owning her.
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    Cwazy website It even has a counter 'till bush is out of office. :D
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    3rd year anniversary!

    Actually I signed up here on the 24th, but I was out partying the last few days so I forgot about it. D: Anyways happeh 3rd year anniversary to me! Can't believe I've been at this site for that long.
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    Stanley cup

    The canes' beat the oilers 3 to 1 to win the stanley cup!
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    Danimal you bitch

    You closed my thread. I should kill your sleep.
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    Miss me?! :imu: :imu: :imu: :imu: :imu: :imu: :imu: