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    Valve Have '3 Big Surprises'

    If that's how the hardcore CS crowd will react, then go for it. Otherwise, they'll end up like the tiny number of bitter and twisted nobs still clinging on to TFC. Besides, pro-CS is dead and gone: give a new version a chance. Here's hoping that the surprise is the return of Adrian...
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    Episode 3: Want / Do not want

    Want: Use of Source engine physics to kill striders and gunships, rather than lame-me-do rocket spam. Combine Elite to live up to their title. Return to Xen, and intelligent alien enemies. Suggestion that Valve knows who the G-Man is supposed to be (no more unexplained incredible...
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    Could Episode 3 be announced late April (My PCGamer speculation)

    bbson may be correct - Episode 3 is never announced, because it magically transformed into HL3.
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    Oh come on...actually why am I even surprised >_>

    An unexplained piece of concept art of a non-crucial part of the game, at least.
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    New enemy ideas

    The Combine Elite should be... elite. At least as difficult as the assassins in Half-Life. Gargantuan-style encounters: using the game's engine to defeat striders, gunships and "tank synths" rather than simply pelting them with inexhaustible rockets. As for a new enemy idea: I would...
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    Unlockables, acheivments, ideas thread.

    My upgrades for Engineers would be the building sentry guns on walls for more firing angles, and caltrops to slow down attackers in cramped areas. The spy needs a fireproof suit, and complete invisibility when cloaked (no smoke or outline). They are far too easy to spot currently.
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    Has the Gravity Gun replaced the Crowbar as Half Life's signature weapon?

    I mainly use the crowbar during the dialogue areas, such as Black Mesa East and the end of Ep2. It seems more "fitting" to have the crowbar out on those occasions. The rest of the time I use the gravity gun, even for killing headcrabs.
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    Simply the best game ever made....

    Ep2 is certainly the best FPS I've played. I didn't think HL2 and Ep1 were better than Half-Life (but not worse), but Ep2 is. My all-round favourite games are still Metal Gear Solid and Tetris.
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    Question about the advisors

    I agree with Sedako. As lame as it may sound, I think the Advisor was extracting information from Eli. When Dog attacked, the Advisor was so deeply focused on Eli it didn't notice until its companion was scrambling away. They didn't even attempt to fight (although perhaps Dog is immune to...
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    How do you all become so informed?

    Most of what I know about the HL story is based on discussions over time. This began at school when friends and I who had played HL wondered who "that man" was. Opposing Force and Blue Shift eventually wrapped up the Black Mesa storyline but left plenty of questions open, and hopefully Episode 3...
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    Is it possible G-Man is Gordon?

    There is the alternative theory which states Gordon and Breen are the same person. After all: Gordon Freeman; Wallace Breen. What are the odds on two characters have "ee" in their surnames? If Gordon and the G-Man have any relation or are the same person, I'll uninstall all my HL games and...
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    Episode 3 speculation

    Given how Eli claims the Borealis is so unstable and dangerous, I hope we'll go back to Xen for a short time (I've been hoping for Xen action since HL2). I think the Overwatch voice is enough involvement for GlaDOS. It was good for Portal but I don't see how a demented computer could fit into Ep3.
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    Things I didn't like about HL2.

    The only weapon complaint I have is the shotgun's double blast sound and effect. The trusty shotgun is my weapon of choice and I'd prefer a thundering BOOM and the barrel leaping out of Freeman's hand. At the moment it sounds a bit pathetic.
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    Speculations on G-Man, Portal, and Episode 3

    I don't think the G-Man stops time, but has access to places where time is effectively stopped. I think one of these places is Xen because just before you enter the Nihilanth's chamber in HL you can hear the scientists panicking over resonance cascade, as if no time has passed. Either that, or...
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    Gman monologue in here! SPOILER!

    As soon as I heard this, I thought of Shepherd :thumbs:
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    new difficulty setting: M.I.A.?

    I thought "Difficult" was fairly difficult for Episode 2, compared to the stroll that was Episode 1. You can certainly get into a lot of tight spots.
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    [Spoiler] Regarding Lamar.

    I was hoping she'd attempt to couple with my head at the silo, fruitlessly, but alas not.
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    The "I have played/ or playing ep2 and Have to talk about it..." thread (spoilers)

    The vortigaunts were brilliant. I laughed when they were annihilating the ant lions. When he told me to go up and leave him fighting the ant lions and zombies I was going to jump back down and fight, but luckily he got on the other elevator :thumbs: That's the first time I've felt for an NPC in...
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    You and the Pyro

    I was thinking earlier that the flamethrower should do extra damage against the sentry guns so that the spy and soldier aren't the only two anti-SG classes. I like the pyro but think he is still the "cute" class in Valve's eyes. The updated pyro model in TFC was cute compared to the other...