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  1. sullview

    Eureka Seven Mod-Hiring coders-Pay Included

    heh, glad I'm not the only one that references His Dark Materials in casual speech/ownage.
  2. sullview

    Project: END - Presented by Faramix Enterprises

    What's this about "teaser story"? For such a pro company, you sure are making a lot of noobie mistakes. And for the record, I'm not very "teased". Anyway, egoncalo has already said everything that can and should be said, but I have to get my two-cents in in response to your comment that my...
  3. sullview

    Enterprise: Temporal Cold War

    so... many... ellipses...
  4. sullview

    Project: END - Presented by Faramix Enterprises

    There's a lot that could be said here, and I have a feeling that you're going to ignore or pan any criticism, so I'll just say this: Nice try.
  5. sullview

    Getting Old: Source - Help Needed

    That, sir, is hardcore. I salute you.
  6. sullview

    Dystopia Version 1 Released

    I like Dystopia a lot, but I wouldn't necessarily put it on a pedestal above mods like Minerva, GMod, or even Eternal Silence.
  7. sullview

    Jailbreak ? Can you Break out?

    They already did this for gym class.
  8. sullview

    Project: Sigma, Half-life 2: Sigma

    zomg this mod will have an awesome story lol
  9. sullview

    New Nuclear Dawn News!

    Sometimes I think mods could have their own reality TV shows, what with all the drama and infighting.
  10. sullview

    Iron Grip released!

    I think this is one of the first MP mods with music in the background. Nice touch. I've been following Iron Grip for a long time, and it has always seemed like a very excelent premise for a game. After playing it briefly, I stand by that. However, there are serious issues, all mentioned...
  11. sullview

    Eternal Silence mod released

    This is the slickest total-conversion release yet. A much tighter package than the original Dystiopia and Empires combined. Its confusing at first but very fun, espcially space combat. Here's hoping we get more ships and maps in the near future
  12. sullview

    HL2 Matrix based Mod Idea.

    What about animating the Sentinel's "tentacles"? That sounds like an animator's worst nightmare.
  13. sullview

    probably the best pose i've done

    He said the best pose he's ever done. He said nothing about how good it was in comparison to what some people may do. I think it looks very realistic, with the exception of the hand-on-gun thing.
  14. sullview

    I hate foreshadowing...

    You know what acepilotf14? I agree. The nerve of those writers to try and tell a story! And you know what? They also added stupid things like "character development", "plot arcs", and "resolution". Its total bullshit. Seriously Valve should, like, FIRE those guys.
  15. sullview

    DEFCON Preview

    Do. You. Want. To. Play. A. Game? Sorry, someone had to say it :) And yes. Yes, I would like to play a game. Specifically, this game.
  16. sullview

    Popcap games on Steam

    That zuma game rocks, but I guess I don't understand what being on steam will acoomplish for these games...
  17. sullview

    Crazy idea... is this possible?

    Okay, in honor of Sui's news posts I will communicate this idea with badly made pain drawings. The idea, basically, is that each team has a tower on opposite "walls" of a large indoor box arena. The base of each tower and the floor surrounding it are each a center of gravity...
  18. sullview

    Incoming Source - Late August Update

    *raises hand* What's the status on the dinosaurs? Will they be in the game or what?
  19. sullview

    Iron Grip Trailer Released

    I wonder if the fairly limited-looking player models and weapons are because there have to be so many on screen at once? I mean, you ould see in the trailer how choppy it looked, and I'm sure their recording program contributed to that, but I also don't believe they'd trust something like the...
  20. sullview

    Favourite Mod?

    Hidden, SMod Gmod, Dystopia, Minerva