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  1. lord dubu

    Buy Menu Frozen or Sampling Walkspace

    That explains the sampling available walkspace issue, but not the buy menu thing, which happens on various maps.
  2. lord dubu

    Buy Menu Frozen or Sampling Walkspace

    From time to I'll get one of two errors when trying to play CS:S. The first is a map will load, drop me into it, and then a progress bar with the caption "Sampling Available Walkspace" will supermipose on the screen. The progress bar will fill, empty fill repeat. The Second is once the map...
  3. lord dubu

    Mod Concept Set in Seoul Need Team Members

    I'm looking to convert an old comic book concept of mine into a single-player story driven HL2 full conversion MOD. It would be especially great if a couple of teammembers were actually from Seoul or at least spoke Korean but anyone with talent who might want to get involved is invited. This...
  4. lord dubu

    Hitchhiker's Guide Trailer! Get it while it's HOT!

    I need a pangalatic gargleblaster.
  5. lord dubu

    Did you like Goldeneye Facility? I liked Goldeneye Facility...

    Slighty off topic question about the topic of this post (wow how ironic!) I've seen this convention alot on the web lately: Do you like ...? I like ... Is it a reference to something else?
  6. lord dubu

    Battlestar Galactica TONIGHT!

    Yes. But I think we're overlooking a highly important issue here. Both Cylon (Boomer and Blondie) are HOOOOOOOOOOOT. /shallow american
  7. lord dubu

    Troy: Divine Playground Update – Concept Art

    You do know that some Spartans ran around buck-arse-nekkid in battle right?
  8. lord dubu

    Escaping Quotes in Console Bind Command

    how can you escape the double quotes in console commands like this one: bind b "ent_fire npc_antlion setrelationship "player D_HT 99"
  9. lord dubu

    books that made you cry/teary

    I was in the middle of a divorce when I started reading "Memoires of a Geisha". Not only did the book make me cry (it's extremely rare when something fictional makes me cry) but it put me in a generally pissy angry mood. Couldn't stop reading it though, most likely because it felt good to read...
  10. lord dubu

    Marine General says killing is good

    Read up on your SunTzu. The first endeavor in -every- war (not just Vietnam) is to dehumanize the adverssary. Simply put psychologically sound humans aren't supposed to kill each other. In order to stay sane in a situation where killing the other guy is a necessity, one must first dehumanize...
  11. lord dubu

    Marine General says killing is good

    Yes. But the majority of the ones giving the orders are men like my father. Who spent 30 years of his life learning how to fight a war, all the while despising the very thing that he felt was a necessary evil. As much as it crushes the dillusions of the general public, the military spends a...
  12. lord dubu

    Marine General says killing is good

    I disagree. It's a fairly decent analogy when you take the time to actually unpack it. While companies don't force you to use coke, there's a stereotype that some feel the pressure to coke up in order to be the kind of aggressive ladder climber that one day takes the CEO spot. It is an...
  13. lord dubu

    Marine General says killing is good

    If the CEO of a company is an unbearable coke-snorting arse, then all of his employees are too? Seriously, it amazes me the broad sweeping generalizations on the forums around here. I hate to shatter everyone's illusion, but: one != all
  14. lord dubu

    doom movie to be like resident evil

    What I don't understand is why title-license movies do this so often. They know they take a hit after the first box-office weekend, so why? Why not try to appease the primary audience: the people who enjoyed what you're licensing in the first place.
  15. lord dubu

    DRIV3R cop cars = retro ?

    Picked up DRIV3R for the PS2 last night... I was just curious if anyone knows why the cop cars are the old-school boxy cop cars... the game appears to be set modern day, unlike Vice City... anyone in Miami? Don't the cops down there drive Caprice Classics like everywhere else?
  16. lord dubu

    Dystopia Update

    I love the masamune-esque mega-thighs on the middle modle. Sweet.
  17. lord dubu

    Volkswagen > Terrorist

    OK, so the cynic in me is taking over regarding this add... Think about it, what's a great way to circulate your advert without paying for spots on television? 1) Make an add that gets "accidently" leaked to the web. 2) Get world wide news coverage when you fake outrage and threaten to...
  18. lord dubu

    Volkswagen > Terrorist

    This is the same thing that happened with those "truth in advertising" shorts a few years back, some ad firm wanting to show themselves to industry insiders made a parody film about the industry. Someone leaked them to the net.
  19. lord dubu

    HL2 Won't start in Offline Mode

    Yeah I can do that too, but it doesn't help me when I'm sitting in the airport lobby, and trying to keep myself entertained. I did reinstall steam, and the problem went away. Do its a non-issue now. Wierd thing is, after reinstalling STEAM, I no longer see the option "play half-life" when the...