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  1. Darkknighttt

    Do you believe in an "afterlife"?

    yes yes
  2. Darkknighttt

    css and cs accounts

    i have css installed on one of my accounts on steam but cs 1.6 on another. i was just wondering if there was a way i can make it so i can activate both on one account. its a pain to keep having to switch accounts back and forth. thanks.
  3. Darkknighttt

    Gaming moments you wish you'd caught on video

    way too many cs moments
  4. Darkknighttt

    Cancer, cured?

  5. Darkknighttt

    WOW needs to ban people.

    with 3 hours a day u might as well quit playing because u will get NOWHERE in the game
  6. Darkknighttt

    2.4 million Burning Crusades sold in 24 hours

    can't wait to install it tommorow
  7. Darkknighttt

    Woman attacks Genitals

    Death Sentence IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Darkknighttt

    how to merge videos

    i have a move on my computer and theres a file for disc 1 and disc 2 i was just wondering if anyone knows how to merge these 2 into just one movie. thanks. EDIT: im sorry, wrong section
  9. Darkknighttt

    It's time for Christmas avatars.

    got mine
  10. Darkknighttt

    Laziest thing you've done

  11. Darkknighttt

    The "Do Not Laugh" Thread

    IM REALLY REALLY SORRY BUT I LMFAO'ED LARGE (even tho i shouldnt have) on ur pic!!!!!!!!!! heres mine:
  12. Darkknighttt

    You can't punch LCD Monitors

  13. Darkknighttt

    Type your screenname with your elbows

    ddaarkknighttt I SWEAR TO GOD!!!! i only used one elbow tho
  14. Darkknighttt

    question about wow graphics

    this might sound odd, but i just put AF on full. and it improved my framerate noticeably
  15. Darkknighttt

    question about wow graphics

    what settings should i be able to play wow on tho? any af? what about terrain distance?
  16. Darkknighttt

    question about wow graphics

    here are my specs: 1 gig ram nvidia geforce 6800 (factory overclocked) (its the BFG edition) athlon 3000 shouldnt i be able to play WoW on full settings? there is definetly something wrong with my computer tho because even at low graphics the screen is still choppy a little whenever i...
  17. Darkknighttt

    currently the best P2P software

    so what do you guys recommend i just want to download songs and videos without too many viruses, but at the same time a HUGE library of files.
  18. Darkknighttt

    why should I go to school?

    man wtf u dont like to drink and act stupid?