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  1. Hurricane

    Are you boycotting BP?

    I don't buy gas from them, but will occasionally stop into the store to buy or water or the like. Honestly though, I don't really care if it hurts small businesses. They should start buying gas from a different distributor.
  2. Hurricane

    Happy Birthday Queue on Fused

    Hizzle Birdizzle and all that shizzle!
  3. Hurricane

    I'm so smart that I dropped a knife on my foot. Also, name change.

    When I was 4, I went and had poor genetics and got diabetes. Seriously though, I ran through a screen door when I was 12, tripped over the doorstep, and hit my head on the patio table. Out cold for ten minutes.
  4. Hurricane

    SCOTT PILGRIM vs THE WORLD (Wright, Cera, Winstead)

    Probably digging my own grave here, but I don't understand why everyone hates on Cera so much because he plays similar characters in his movies. He's found a niche. You wouldn't start writing paragraphs about Jason Statham making another over-the-top action movie would you? No, because it's what...
  5. Hurricane

    Look at this GIF

    I said celery.
  6. Hurricane

    Up To 60 Human Heads Discovered At Airport

    I'm just glad someone decided to spearhead the investigation.
  7. Hurricane

    do steve jobs is planing to buy valve?

    Oh god. We would be buying one load section of HL episodes a month.
  8. Hurricane


    First of all, how far are you running on average? if you're a "newbie" and only doing 1-3 miles (or whatever the km equivalent is), then your form probably won't be affecting you too much. However, that doesn't answer your question. To run with proper form, you need to first stop bending at the...
  9. Hurricane


    If I've learned anything in my three years of running, it's that you need to have a goal. Are there any upcoming races in your area? A 5k is a great starting point and is usually the most popular type of race, at least over here it is. Sign up for one and then dedicate yourself to preparing for...
  10. Hurricane


    Picture I made in my graphic arts class awhile back.
  11. Hurricane

    Happy birthday to the gayest man alive

  12. Hurricane

    Happy birthday to the gayest man alive

    Happy Birthday! I got you another cake in case you didn't like the first one. *edit* ah, f*ck it.
  13. Hurricane

    You there

    Busboy. One of the worst jobs ever.
  14. Hurricane

    Dear, I f*cked up

    I think that even if you don't want anything more to do with the girl, (and you're perfectly entitled to that) you still need to be there for the kid and play a substantial part in its upbringing. This is just my opinion though, and I'm one person. Do what you feel is right, but make sure it's...
  15. Hurricane

    Yellow belt :D

    Great job! I did six years of Tang Soo Do myself. The tests can be a lot more intense than the practices.
  16. Hurricane

    Did you guys know today is...

    Hizzle Birdizzle and all that shizzle. *edit* nevermind. just scrolled up. well-wishes rescinded.
  17. Hurricane

    I think I'm losing my touch with reality.

    Definitely get more sleep Numbers. 4-5 hours is not enough for anybody. Also, try joining a sports team or doing some other sort of group activity. Not only will it help you meet new people, but it will make you feel invested in whatever that group's goal is, and that way you'll feel actual...
  18. Hurricane

    Leg trouble while running

    Well I'm going to say that's your problem right there. You should be replacing your every 500-800 miles, depending on their condition. Many shoes even have indicators built into them to show when you should get new ones. If you keep running in those old ones, you're going to keep getting injured.
  19. Hurricane

    Ode to Bacon

    So I had a writing assignment this week in which I had to write an ode. I thought my fellow bacon worshippers might appreciate it. O bacon, most lovely item of food Available to mankind, you truly are: A blessing to people, making all taste good. An equal food, fed even to the stars...
  20. Hurricane

    Leg trouble while running

    do you run independently, or for a school? If the latter, I would suggest just going to see the trainer. Even if it ends up not being serious, it's better to know that it's not than to worry about it. Also, I would agree with StarBob about the shoes, but it sounds like you're experienced enough...