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  1. Nitre

    The Mandatory "What are you listening to now?" thread

    Buckethead - Heaven of Black Tar Pitch
  2. Nitre

    How many people have you killed?

    I've killed googolplexes. Heh. That's at least 10^10^100.
  3. Nitre

    Recommend me a headset

    I had similar headphones (i.e. Fatal1ty). Didn't like them much. Mic was crap. Good noise cancelling and decent sound quality though. Although i did get surround sound speakers and an awesome sound card for about 20 quid more than i paid for the headset. But that's irrelevant.
  4. Nitre

    VIRUS?: Mouse moving without me

    If you've got a laser mouse you might have a hair or something stuck in the lens, happens to mine sometimes and the pointer goes haywire.
  5. Nitre

    EP 1 - Achievements

    Surely it's technically impossible to not kill a single stalker, since right at the start you have to reprogram a hopper mine to kill one, as a requirement to progress?
  6. Nitre

    What's it worth?

    250-300 quid if you're lucky?
  7. Nitre

    [email protected] - #96276

    Wow, in 7 days we've gone up by 57 places, not too shabby!
  8. Nitre


    Stop caring. I've not cared about anything for the last 5 years, and things aren't going too badly. Admittedly, i sit here by myself for weeks on end, but you know, you get over that eventually.
  9. Nitre

    What to do...

    Grab yourself a whisky and sit in a high backed brown armchair considering the meaning of life.
  10. Nitre

    Man decapitates woman at Virginia tech cafeteria

    I wonder if you could calculate the amount of force required to disembowel someone with a butter knife or whatever it was. Anyone provide equations, thickness of neck, density of human bone, arteries, flesh, etc.?
  11. Nitre

    Post Your Desktops the "Willie will give you bananas if you do eet" Edition

    Check out that Barratt .50 cal, wowza!
  12. Nitre


    I'm so confused!
  13. Nitre

    legalizing prostitution

    I'm just thinking that the right to know whether or not someone has an STD outweighs a right to privacy. Personally, although i can't imagine myself doing it, i'd like to be confident that the person i'm going to have sex with might have a disease that might kill me. Plus, it can still be...
  14. Nitre

    legalizing prostitution

    Would this be if prostitution etc was legalised? Because if it was, i'm pretty sure they could force a mandatory STD test on every customer as well as every 'employee'.
  15. Nitre

    Zero Punctuation: Far Cry 2

    Same here.
  16. Nitre

    Rate the last game you played

    Absolutely agree with all this. I had heard all the horrible reviews and so decided not to buy it. Have now played it both on PC and PS3, but it's absolutely horrible on both. You'd expect the PS3 graphics to at least be good, but they're terrible. You can see jagged edges, and ugh. Do not...
  17. Nitre


    Well, obviously i'd get rid of the ear shit, but to be honest, even the most overused style is far better than drawing stick figures.
  18. Nitre

    Post your favorite song lyrics

    I don't like lyrics.
  19. Nitre


    I agree. Although i wouldn't mind being able to draw like that, considering how much i suck right now.