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  1. Steve

    chat/shitposting thread

    I had a dream I met Munro at a con last night. He was quite tall.
  2. Steve

    Old folk

    I'm still alive, but I'm not a person anymore.
  3. Steve


    I've quoted your post and put it in my reply to this thread. That's the best I can do.
  4. Steve

    This community ....

    Yeah, it's like...some people have left and will never come back.
  5. Steve

    Do you drive stick or automatic?

    Stick fo' sho'
  6. Steve

    Famous movie quotes as if written by a proper Englishman

    "By jove! I do say it's composed entirely of stars!" - 2001: A Space Odyssey
  7. Steve, I'm leaking energy

    Mono. It's deadly, you know.
  8. Steve

    Anger Management Thread

    Just be cool, dude. Take a few breaths. And remember, when you get really, really, unbelievably, pant-shittingly mad at somebody, you're letting them control you. Why don't you think for yourself, instead of letting other people dictate what you do? I mean, seriously, what kind of tag-along...
  9. Steve

    Parasites generating promiscuity in humans

    Whatever, playing host to parasites is awesome. It's like being a juicy universe. A juiciverse.
  10. Steve

    Canadian woman loses benefits because of "happy" facebook photo

    Sick leave for depression is ridiculous in the first place.
  11. Steve

    Parents of 8-year-old rape victim charged with abuse

    Maybe she shouldn't have been dressing like a little 8-year-old slut.
  12. Steve

    Road Deaths Costing World 500 Billion Dollars

    Their road blood money.
  13. Steve

    Road Deaths Costing World 500 Billion Dollars

    The road companies must be punished!
  14. Steve

    Jon Stewart catches Sean Hannity falsifying news footage

    Yay! Gosh I dislike Hannity.
  15. Steve

    Brits are ugly.

    Yeah, I constantly marvel at how good-looking I ended up despite my British ancestry.
  16. Steve

    Does your girlfriend have a smelly **** (rhymes with FUNT)

    Sounds a lot better than Masingale Country Flower. Bleck.
  17. Steve

    Taser to Officers "Don't Tase People in the Chest"

    That's fine, but my post was in response to a post which was simply talking about cops being "DICKS and ASSHOLES." Also, I believe you're insinuating that I don't deal with the cops outside of routine traffic stops. I live in a neighborhood where hearing gunshots is a bi-weekly occurence, so...
  18. Steve

    Man pleads guilty to driving his La-Z-Boy while drunk

    Fair is fair. Can't ride a bike drunk, either.
  19. Steve

    Kid records album with famous people before dying.

    Exactly! In my day, I'd race all 7 miles home on foot in the snow carrying my 50 lbs of books on my head because we didn't have backpacks back then, and if mom was passed out drunk and dad wasn't home from the coal mine yet, it was a frantic race to rub one out to Beaver's mom before mom woke up...
  20. Steve

    Need Books for Research

    Was "Finding Forrester" a book?