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    Team Fortress 2 Weekend Update: Arts and Craft

    [br]Another day, another update on the TF2 blog! The biggest change comes in the form of the ability to craft new weapons. How's this going to work, you ask? Well, looks like that inventory system is going to be useful for more than just storing that 15th Kritzkrieg you picked up.[br] With the...
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    McSource For those too lazy to click, seems GameStop and Amazon are listing the US PC release date for GTA IV as December 2. EU/AU stores still have release slated for November 21, though maybe not for long. As usual, no comment from Rockstar so could just be a retailer **** up. /crosses...
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    Jack Thompson facing permanent disbarment

    and a huge fine, too! :imu: Source And right on the heels of his Freedom Award too. :laugh:
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    Woman married to Berlin Wall And here I was thinking the guy who had sex with cars was weird...
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    Free Photoshop Tutorial E-book

    Geez, it's hard to come up with a thread title that doesn't look like complete spam. :hmph: Anyway, SitePoint is running a promotion where they're allowing downloads of The Photoshop Anthology: 101 Web Design Tips, Tricks & Techniques for a few weeks. It's a sponsored download so there's a...
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    Burnout Paradise coming to PC Yay! \:D/
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    MP Zombies!

    Zombies in multiplayer GTA IV -- Clicky for pics.
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    Active window randomly goes inactive

    Okay, so basically, my problem is my currently active window will randomly become inactive and I have to click on it to make it active again or wait about 10 seconds before it becomes active on its own. By inactive, I mean this: It doesn't happen too often but it's frequent enough to annoy...
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    Music using only sounds from Windows XP and 98 Someone had waaaay too much time on their hands.
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    Father and daughter have child I think I just threw up in my mouth. :x A pic of the "couple":
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    Awesome Portal Remix Song

    Victims of Science - The Device Has Been Modified Video's edited decently too. Spoilers, obviously.
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    AVGN Top 10 Jackie Chan Stunts

    Jackie Chan > Chuck Norris. Also, doing a post search for Jackie Chan just turns up a whole lot of posts quoting toaster-chan, so I gave up. :D
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    Cheerleading Bloopers

    Most likely old, but search found nothing, so I'm posting it. :D