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    Good space shooters?

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm actually more interested in those fast paced vertically-scrolling Space Invaders kind of arcade games, rather than space simulators. Still, some of these are really great games.
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    Good space shooters?

    Hi there. Anyone knows of good free space-shooter games the kind of Xenon, Raiden, etc? Is this genre long gone now or what? Thanks.
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    Bush condones Israels action..

    while(1) { respect++; }
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    War on Terrorism

    Is this the Another World intro scene avatar?
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    Hidden Beta 3 Approacheth...

    downloading is slow : <
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    Empires Mod Released!

    Blaa My steam is messing up and wont start up. Now when I deleted that clientregistry.blob steam takes forever to update
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    XSI Skeleton Question

    you should use Up Vector for legs and hands. It should solve your twisting problems. as for the spine - try rotating the implicit box before making it a spine.
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    first model

    hehe yes, it is actually the second time you are surprised by that.
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    XSI Skeleton Question

    basically it doesnt matter what objects you choose to create your spine from. the tutorial scene had two prepared ones that are sort of easy to make out from the lot. you can just go to Get > Primative > Implicit > whatever you like and make a spine from a couple of these. in any case, you...
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    first model

    haha good job there. are you taking a computer graphic course?
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    Changing skins colours - Legal?

    you can load preconfigured profiles (and gamma,brightness,saturation control) by binding them to key combinations if youre using catalyst. theres a downside though: you cant do it for the desktop - if you choose to play in window mode changing this thing is really fine, brightness varies from...
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    Wheres Hostile-Planet Gone?

    k thanks Helk. It sure is better than no news at all.
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    The Lost Coast to ship at the "End of October"

    your post number 123 now someone up there IS giving us a message
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    Wheres Hostile-Planet Gone?

    hm Theres no chance they went underground with a close forum, is there? I sound paranoiac
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    I honestly thought my monitor is dying on me when the blue colour hit. *changing back to tan theme*
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    Another day another mod..

    The part you just quoted answers your other question regarding the modern car in a city environment. The reason I asked about Battlefield 2 was because I wondered why you mention it - it had nothing to do with your other question, you see, in different time-sets you have different environments.
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    Another day another mod..

    Not standing at his side if whats he done isnt genuine, but where did he say its going to be a Battlefield 2 type game?
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    Another day another mod..

    Actually its explained well in your first post. nice work youre doing. Hope you do master all of your trades
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    Wheres Hostile-Planet Gone?

    Whats up with them? their site went down a few months ago just to come back up with a "coming soon" notification, which is still in place right now. Does anyone know whats been going on?
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    "Cold War: Melting Point" First Screenshots

    Looking good.. except the mapping and texturing in the first screenshot. Notice that the metal stabilizers texturing is not constant. I like how everything seems to break down if you shoot it though. Looking forward to it