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    Insurgency - Beta 2 dated and new trailer

    From the style of the film, like the beginning title, I think this trailer was produced by the same guy who did the first one. I forget his name but he is big part of Lit Fuse (HL2 machinia group). They have taken kind of risky artistic license with some of their films, some are great and others...
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    Portal discussion *spoiler screenshots and info*

    Tie in with HL2 universe: Aperture Science was competing with Black Mesa in DOD industry. Black Mesa was winning a lot more contracts then AS and is not bound to gov't regulations.
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    Portal discussion *spoiler screenshots and info*

    Here is a thread for all the good stuff. I don't actually have any screenshots, I have to run at medium-quality textures so I don't even know what they say. Hopefully some people can contribute quality screens of the wall messages, notepads and monitors, and the powerpoint. As for...
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    Eurogamer Reviews Team Fortress 2

    Why did he link to suicide girls in the first sentence? Am I too dense to figure out how that has anything to do with a.) his joke about eyesight or b.) team fortress two?
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    Black Mesa Media

    Man now I have to install half life and play it through to see if you are right.... Anyone else playing through it all for Ep: 2? I finished way to prematurely but still hungry for some story. Ep 1 was like HL2 but a lot more polished and refined. The cinematic element shined through...
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    Team Fortress 2 Trailer

    Mod HQ ROCKS!
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    Empires 1.06

    Just a reminder, unofficial hotfixes 1.062 are avaliable at the empires forum. Krenzo is working hard to get out a patch that addresses some issues in 1.06, such as comm crashes.
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    Half-Life 2: Episode One Released!

    Their gallop was looked sort of like a gorrilla's sprint. Houndeye gorrillas i guess then.
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    Half-Life: Deathmatch Source

    It really is just a matter of time till bm:s thrashes the so called 'source' version of hl & hl:dm. I guess then Valve will include it,bm:s, that in the package?
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    Episode One Trailer

    It is at the website too: :afro: :afro: :afro: :afro:
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    Episode One Information

    I don't know what is more sad, that there is so much hype around a 4-6 hour chapter or that I am eating it like mama's apple pie. I love pie.
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    [02/25/26] Incoming Source Media Update

    I think kinks is the term. :afro:
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    Got accepted into Iron Grip Beta!!! Yippie!

    which I lament to no end...
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    I wish I had the old layout, any chance that the website skin can be chosen user-side?
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    i know for a FACT you are going to eat those words, but time will tell.
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    SiN Episodes the site is so behind the times, doesn't have the teaser video or the interviews. should really update chris_D
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    New Steam Games Ready for Pre-Purchase!

    I think this calls for a poll
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    Game Titles Released Soon Through Steam

    From the screenshots I wouldn't pay more than 25$ for this game. I think this might be the first game that doesn't do well over steam, I hope that doesn't deter other good games to distribute over steam. But 40$ for that, wtf? They should have made it into a hl2 mod!
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    CaliberMod Update

    Thatamos, I thought you weren't part of the caliber team anymore and joined incoming source in it's stead?
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    Wheres Hostile-Planet Gone?

    Well now when I go to it says that the website can not be found. wtf? I am really frightened for this mod, especially since Twilght War: After the Fall source mmorpg (or xrpg as they liked to be called) went under. I really don't want that to...