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  1. Kyorisu

    Hideo Kojima and Gabe Newel at E3 2015

    Insert hand rubbing here.
  2. Kyorisu

    This forum is dead

    Many good times were had and yeah a slower pace will result in significantly less shitposting.
  3. Kyorisu

    Post a screenshot!

    What's going on? Oh, shit.
  4. Kyorisu

    Homeworld IP sold to anonymous buyer.

    I came here to see how upset people would be about this and instead I find...I don't even know.
  5. Kyorisu

    Mass Effect 3

    I make myself watch this show on ABC so I can get my weekly cringe in but my god. Try and read this without getting the urge to slap the hosts.
  6. Kyorisu

    Post your latest purchases with pics (NO STOCK IMAGES)

    Rebuild is four parts with 1-2 out obviously. The time between movies doesn't up set me as much as the following does. Japanese theatrical release Delay of some time Japanese disc release Delay of a year or more Multilingual release I haven't exactly looked online but the disc has the extras...
  7. Kyorisu

    Post your latest purchases with pics (NO STOCK IMAGES)

    Stuff. Moving house next week so no use pulling the figures out yet.
  8. Kyorisu

    Deus Ex Human Revolution

    I'll be making an account for a mate soon who wants a copy for $34. Free monies...sort of. $5 credit on my account anyway awesome. Soon to be $10. Not a bad little system considering the prices shit all over AU retail.
  9. Kyorisu

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    It's funny I remember watching the first SC2 video at a LAN. There was nothing but silence as everyone watched and then a joke by my friend about how long it takes to build a marine. The quakecon crowd was just a pack of retards, you can find those everywhere. Honestly if I was running that...
  10. Kyorisu

    Brink is 50% off on Steam for the weekend

    The one time I listened to the whiners over on the Steam forums. Its not like I bought it with the mind set that I'd hate it I gave it a good flogging playing with a mate and yet still. Utter crap.
  11. Kyorisu

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    /runs on 360 YEAH WHOOO /wait BOOOOOOOO
  12. Kyorisu

    Brink is 50% off on Steam for the weekend

    Brink is a terrible game, don't buy it.
  13. Kyorisu

    Borderlands 2

    Oh god I'm defending Gamespy. Gamespy works....apart from account issues, auth issues and yeah okay it sucks. The problem with Borderlands was player hosting and Gearbox in their infinite wisdom decided they didn't have to do anything with the PC version. Why should they? The consoles have...
  14. Kyorisu

    Deus Ex Human Revolution

    Yeah they had a bigger discount than listed currently and with a code took it right down. According to Facebook they aren't planning on any big codes any time soon. I grabbed DNF through them for half retail I should pay more attention. Oh well.
  15. Kyorisu

    Deus Ex Human Revolution

    Missed out on grabbing a copy for $26 through GMG :( (Referral link gives both parties $5 when referred person spends $5). Code: MYVOU-S7XDS-D8OQS knocks it down to $37 So...
  16. Kyorisu

    Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad

    They should actually get a classification before spreading speculation about what will or won't be cut.
  17. Kyorisu

    Diablo III Auction House

    Real money transactions benefit no one but Blizzard. I bet you'll still see rouge trading happening to bypass the cut Blizzard wants.
  18. Kyorisu

    Post your latest purchases with pics (NO STOCK IMAGES)

    New phones box shot. Pupa from MGS Peace Walker.
  19. Kyorisu

    Post Your Desktops the "Willie will give you bananas if you do eet" Edition

    Testing some web application. Need to tweak a line. I wouldn't call moving your head slightly a hassle either. Having to juggle applications is a hassle. Scenario 1: click text editor and have that take over my screen Scenario 2: Move mouse to text editor on second monitor. Scenario 3: Have...
  20. Kyorisu

    Post Your Desktops the "Willie will give you bananas if you do eet" Edition

    Unless you're the type that likes to use minimized windows a lot and juggle things around multiple monitors is a huge difference over a single monitor. Code editor in one monitor and browser with references on the other. If I wasn't as big of a gamer as I am I'd swap to 24" or bigger IPS panels.