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When buying Runescape 3 accounts, you are also interested in knowing the benefits it will bring, so today. We will be looking a bit closer at one of those benefits; items. More specifically, some of the great untradable items RS3 has to offer, including mid and high-level gear, collectibles, weapons, etc.

RuneScape was originally released back in January 2001 and has evolved to become what is nowadays known as Runescape 3. The in-game economy has existed in continuation for all this time, giving RS3 one of the oldest economies of any online game. Because of the many game content additions and updates, the number of items in Runescape has risen exponentially. The game currently has 40’000 items, with more added regularly. 

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RS3 has so many items it would take a book to describe them all. When many people think of RS3 items, they will rightly think of the extremely valuable holiday items released many years ago. These items, including party hats and Christmas crackers, have consistently increased in price over the years, with some costing well over $1000 in real money today. These items are player-to-player tradable though, so they are not unique to a specific account.

Some other items to look out for when buying an account are: T80+ gear, augmented gear, overloads, all pets, and Gizmos. Now let’s look at a few more interesting items in closer detail.

TokHaar-Kal Capes 

The TokHaar-Kal Capes are 3 separate capes that a player can receive on completing the Fight Kiln. If you use mostly magic, you will receive the TokHaar-Kal-Mej. Using Melee for the majority of the Fight Kiln will give you the TokHaar-Kal-Ket, and lastly, Range players will receive the TokHaar-Kal-Xil.

Aside from the upgraded “igneous” versions of these capes, they all offer some of the highest bonuses in their particular combat type. The Fight Kiln is some of the highest-level content in the game, so getting an account with one, or all, of these capes will be worth the investment.

Amulet of Souls

This rare and powerful neck-slot item is an enchanted and untradable version of the hydrix amulet. Its style bonus is the second highest in the whole game. As well as that, it has two other bonus effects. It gives the prayer Soul Split a higher rate of healing your health. The other effect reduces the damage you receive when using a protection or deflection spell. This Item is very useful in combat and is a great addition to any account.


The Bonecrusher is a great way to gain passive prayer experience. This item will crush the bones of defeated enemies and those from hunting without you needing to do it manually. To do so, you need to combine it with ecto-tokens and have it stored in the inventory. The Bonecrusher costs 34k Dungeoneering tokens and can be bought from the rewards trader. Because of this high game-time investment, buying an account with this item already included will save you a lot of time.

Lucky equipment

Lucky gear, or equipment, can be obtained through completing treasure hunter activities (previously through the Squeal of Fortune). Lucky items are equivalent to their high-level item counterpart in both stats and usage but are completely untradable. The items included are weapons and armor.

If you lose any of the items, through dropping or defeat in battle, most can be reclaimed from Diango in Draynor Village. Some examples of Lucky equipment are the Lucky Armadyl helmet, Lucky Karil’s top, Lucky Verac’s plate-skirt, Lucky Dharok’s great axe, and more besides. There are also discontinued items that are extra rare, such as the Lucky abyssal whip or Lucky dragon full helm. An account with one or multiple of these will be extremely coveted.


Used in the Summoning skill to create Summoning Pouches, charms by themselves are not particularly rare or valuable. However, because of how long it takes to collect them, usually with monsters only dropping one on death, an account with many Charms can be extremely valuable. Like the other items on this list, Charms are completely untradable, so they must be collected on each account, making the Summoning skill hard to fast-track. 

There are currently 5 primary charms. All used to create different familiars. They are Gold, Green, Crimson, Blue, and the specialized, Elder Charm. There are also some rarer charms, such as Tertiary and Void Knight, as well as quest-unique charms.


There are a lot of different pets in RS3, with none of them being particularly quick or easy to acquire, but Penny (also known as Penumbra) is arguably one of the hardest to get. To unlock Penny, you need to defeat three creatures located in Prifddinas; truthful shadows, blissful shadows, and manifest shadows, and receive one of their increasingly rare drops. Then after obtaining all three dark drops, you need to combine them to receive Penny.

Just reaching the part of the game to receive these drops can take a very long time. Receiving the drops themselves can take a tremendous amount of time on top of that. For these reasons, any account with the Penny pet on it can be considered extremely valuable.


We really have only touched the tip of the iceberg with how many items there are in RuneScape 3. The game has been around for a long time, and there have been many additions and updates along the way. Compared to the more recent OSRS version of Runescape, RS3 has a lot more items. Some items can also take hundreds of hours or be beyond the skill ability of many players ever to get them. For this reason, buying an RS3 account with many items already in the bank can be a great idea!