The main task of realistic texture packs is to make the game more appealing and enhance its graphics. Many realistic texture packs and realistic resource packs are released every year but the top ones that really make the game look better and go easy on your computer have been mentioned above.

Texture packs were the additional files provided by Minecraft developers to enhance the in-game features and playing experience of gamers. These files came in .zip folder and consisted of PNG images as well as a document guiding about their usage. Texture packs were of different kinds and each one of these served a special purpose. These included realistic texture packs, experimental texture packs, simplistic texture packs, and themed texture packs, etc.

How to Download and Install Realistic Texture Packs?

In order to launch and use texture packs of all types in their games, users had to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First of all, users needed to install the Minecraft game.
  2. The second step was to download the required texture files separately.
  3. After that, users were required to launch the game’s folder from program files by navigating to it and then double-clicking on its icon.
  4. Once the game’s folder (.minecraft) was launched, users were then needed to navigate to the ‘Mods and Texture Packs’ section and click on the ‘Open texture pack’ folder.
  5. Once this folder had been opened, users were to double click and open the folder containing texture files.
  6. From this folder, users had to select and drag the textures they wanted to incorporate into their games into the ‘Open texture pack’ folder opened side by side.
  7. Once transferred, the texture files would appear in the list of textures option in Minecraft’s folder, therefore, confirming that they were ready to be launched.
  8. In the end, users had to launch the game once again by double-clicking on it to make sure the packs were incorporated into it.
  9. Post this process, the new game took some time to launch since all the changes were being incorporated into the new world.

An important distinction to be noted here is that texture packs are also sometimes referred to as resource packs. However, there is a minor difference between the two; resource packs are more empowering in terms of enhancing game features, graphics, and characters as compared to textures.

Top 10 Realistic Texture Packs

Though there are numerous realistic texture packs available online for being downloaded and used in the game, the best of them have been enlisted below.

  1. LB Photo Realism Pack (x256): compatible with Minecraft versions up till 1.13, LB Photo Realism Pack supports a lot of custom textures and even provides custom texture options for mobs, which in most texture packs have been overlooked. With extremely HD graphics, LB Photo Realism Pack offers a very realistic view. Apart from beginning hard on computer, this pack has some flaws such as some features that do not appear smoothed out at all. This could be the result of version incompatibility or maybe that’s the way it has been designed but this is its only drawback. Other than this, all the features are near to perfection with brightness and colors all balanced perfectly.
  2. Oerlis Realistic (x256): Oerlistic Realistic (x256) is the second-best realistic texture pack for Minecraft version 1.13. It shows graphics in Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) format and consists of custom textures too. When paired with relevant shaders such as SEUS shaders, Oerlis Realistic offers a great view which is near to realistic view. The downside to using this texture pack is that it does not have any custom textures for Mob nor does it blend the sharp cut-out box-shaped items in the Minecraft game.
  3. Natura Ultra Realism: The third best texture pack for Minecraft game is Natura Ultra Realism texture pack. This pack has everything a player could ever want. It is compatible with Minecraft’s version 1.13 and previous versions too. It consists of high definition images, smoothed out pixels, vibrant colors and custom textures for almost every character and item of the game except for chests.
  4. SC Photorealism (x128): SC Photorealism is a beautifully realistic texture pack. it offers beautiful graphics with every feature perfected in terms of colors, smooth pixels, and high definition. The pack makes the game’s view appear more in 3D form and consist of custom textures for all characters and items of the game except for the always neglected, Mobs. However, the default mobs in this pack make up for this drawback as they are pretty appealing in the first place.
  5. Realistic Adventure (x64): An updated version of its previous x32 pack, Realistic Adventure x64 offers an upgraded view with the help of Ultra High Definition features installed in it. It does offer good custom texture choices and even offers casting custom textures such as a helmet etc.
  6. Beautiful v9: Sixth on this list is the Beautiful v9 texture pack. Beautiful v9 offers a very good view with or without the use of any shaders and is pretty neat in terms of graphics and pixels. However, it does lack in its custom textures department. While Beautiful v9 provides ample textures for swords and guns, it does not provide enough of them for changing the look of scenery drawn inboxes.
  7. LureStone: LureStone, just like all others in this list, enhances graphics and visibility of the game. However, it does lack casting textures for friendly mobs and items such as jewels. Lure Stone makes the game graphics stand out with or without the use of shaders.
  8. Realistic Adventure (x32): Realistic Adventure x32 is a nice texture pack that meets almost all criteria of a good texture pack. Just like other texture packs, Realistic Adventure x32 lacks versatility too when it comes down to custom textures for mobs. However, just like the SC Photorealism pack, its default mobs are pretty good looking and therefore still make the game look appealing.
  9. Natural Realism (1.1): Natural Realism (1.1) is a 16×16 texture pack and is quite beautiful whether used with or without shaders. It consists of new features such as the introduction of new friendly mobs and has quite a smoothed, vibrant finish to it.
  10. AI Brain Realist 4K Pack: AI Brain Realist Pack is the last on our list. This is because not only it lacks in the appearance of the game but it also does not offer enough variety of custom textures. Simply put, this pack does not have enough pixels to showcase high definition imagery in the game as well as it lacks features in the custom textures department.