There are many ways a person can get injured in Texas. However, a handful of injury scenarios stand out and make up the most common cases. Those individuals who become injured need to find top legal representation to help them get the best outcome for their case. The following are some top reasons why people sustain a personal injury in Texas and seek legal action.

Slip and Fall Cases

A leading reason for personal injury cases in Texas is slip and fall cases. There can be many scenarios that can include the victim falling and sustaining serious injuries at a business. In most cases, those who go to court are more severe and result in a visit to the local emergency room where they document the injuries. There would be a case if the business didn’t adhere to compliance laws for the state. Some laws outlined marking slipping hazards and mopped floors clearly for visitors to see. Other hazards can include having oil or other substances leak from nearby machinery or vehicles. Keep in mind that not only businesses are liable if there is a slip and fall accident. A private resident could be liable if the event occurred on their property.

Automobile Collisions

You’ve probably assumed that one of the top reasons for a personal injury case is a result of automobile accidents. Just like Texas, this is also the leading cause in most states. Automobile accidents are usually caused by an at-fault driver and can create massive medical bills for those involved and damage property. Victims of these accidents need help getting the funding they need to help with recovery. Medical bills for severe accidents can stack up quickly, and recovery can take years. As soon as an accident occurs is the time to reach out for legal assistance to guide you through the process of getting compensation and gathering or filing documents.


If you have a complication or adverse development resulting from a diagnosis, treatment, surgery, or other medical procedure, you might pursue legal action for malpractice. There are many instances where malpractice occurs. For example, if someone has surgery and the doctor performing the surgery leaves a medical tool or medical supply in the body, then that is grounds for malpractice. When malpractice occurs, it puts the victim’s life in jeopardy and can force them to undergo additional treatments and surgeries to correct those mistakes. However, keep in mind that if you sue for malpractice, you can only pursue a maximum of $250,000 as compensation in most cases. However, there may be some exclusions and exceptions depending on the case.

Pet Attacks or Injuries

We’ve all heard of cases where someone’s pet attacks another person and causes extensive or significant injury. Some cases involve serious physical injury and sometimes create permanent disability. This type of personal injury case happens commonly in the state of Texas. Whether it’s from a dog or some other type of exotic pet, there’s usually a case for the victim to pursue legal compensation. Many considerations go into these types of cases, so it’s imperative to see a knowledgeable legal expert who can help shed some light on various aspects of the case that affect its outcome.

Product Failure

When a product injures someone and doesn’t contain a sufficient warning regarding that potential, there might be grounds for a personal injury case. When a product unexpectedly injures someone, anyone related to the creation or distribution of that product might be held liable for the damages to the victim. It’s worth mentioning that these are usually very complex cases that take a long time to settle and have many points to consider. The best way to get a satisfactory outcome is to work with an attorney that knows the ins and outs of these cases and who can provide clear guidance through the process to help victims get the compensation they need to help them pay for medical bills and even lost wages that might result from the injury.

Finding a Personal Injury Attorney in Texas

If you suffer from any type of personal injury and have significant injuries or resulting disabilities, you might have an individual injury case that could get good results. The only way to know for sure or to get the process started is to seek out qualified legal representation for the state of Texas. To find someone knowledgeable and has experience with your type of injury case, you need to do some research and consult about their services. To find out if they are the right attorney or firm to suit your needs, you can research the internet and ask other previous clients about their personal experiences.

If you research the internet, check the reviews left by previous clients to see if they had a smooth process or if they ran into issues. Most clients who have had issues will leave details in the posted comments that help other potential clients decide if they want to pursue that attorney or find other representation. Most established lawyers have several reviews left for them online so that other individuals can learn more about them and their experience with various types of legal cases. Don’t forget to call and schedule a consultation either over the phone or in person. That consultation will really help you determine if they are a good fit for your needs.

If you are the victim of a personal injury in Texas and want to work with a top attorney who can get the best possible outcome for your case. You should contact a Houston personal injury lawyer today and start working on the details. They can work closely with you to help determine if you actually have a valid case and if so, they can begin gathering the information and documentation they need to get the process started. Don’t wait to get the legal assistance you need to help cover mounting debts related to the injury. Now is the time to act to ensure you get a positive outcome.