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    you only liked half life 2 because you were supposed to

    I still don't understand how people entertain the idea of a Half Life movie. Half Life 2's story, if I may be blunt, is rather paper thin and hardly enough to form the basis of a film. Half Life 2's (and I suppose by extension the original) true and lasting success lies in its world building and...
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    Good lord this cracked me up, the entire time my mind was adding the sound effects from this:
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    I Have No Idea About Laptops (Help)

    Thanks Krynn, I was considering some Lenovo models. Pretty hard to find many Thinkpads in Australia that aren't stupidly expensive. On a lark I found this Samsung model NP355V5C for $500. The specs for it are: Radeon 7670m 1GB AMD A6-4400m 2.7gHz 4gb RAM (might get another four for $30) 500gb...
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    I Have No Idea About Laptops (Help)

    I actually have no knowledge, please bear with me. I'm studying and potentially living in Japan for the next year or so. I need a laptop to assist me in this endeavour. The issue is I may be moving every six months or so, so a desktop doesn't seem viable unless reselling is a thing. My...
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    E3 2013 Games Thread

    Wake up to see the usual suspects for game announcements from their conference. And yet, for some reason I'm stupidly excited. I swear a year ago I had written off the 3DS and said I'd never buy a new handheld but damn if I don't want the new Pokemon, Monster Hunter and christ, the idea of Super...
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    Xbox One

    Yeah if anything I really dig the physical design of it. Sadly everything else sounds like balls.
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    Game of Thrones thread with lots of books spoilers inside spoiler tags

    By far my favourite episode this season. Included many of my favourite scenes from the book and most coming through intact:
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    **** me, I missed out on a brilliant sale of the entire game season based on my opinion of that shitty show.
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    Transmetropolitan is absolutely fantastic. In terms of comics/manga I'm waiting for the delivery of Volume 6 of AKIRA. Can't say the manga is as strong as the anime (simply due to some awful padding), but the art is page to page brilliant. His destroyed cities would not have many peers.
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    New Zelda for 3DS: Same universe as Link to the Past

    Seems kind of rushed of them to reveal it right now, sans subtitle and all. Perhaps a lot of the assets are temporary?
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    Dark Souls II

    I might just media blackout after this. Seeing the twelve minute video dissuaded most of my fears. I want to go in knowing next to nothing about what I'm going to see again.
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    Roger Ebert Dies At 70

    Woke up to find this, never felt sadder over a celebrity death. His opinions have influenced me more than I can imagine, and not just in film but politics and more. Rest in Peace.
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    Game of Thrones thread with lots of books spoilers inside spoiler tags

    I personally thought it was one of their best invented scenes, considering Book spoils Decent episode, but one thing annoyed me - Oh well, I'm of the opinion they've completely botched the entire Night's Watch strand, beginning with casting wimpy dough boy Harrington as Jon Snow. ALSO