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    Rest is for the dead

    32.7 hours >.>
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    Breen, the sandwich trilogy

    btw i am reviving this thread for lulz
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    Who would you cast in a L4D Movie?

    ew Summer Glau is fugly
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    Blue screens and studiorender.dll

    Ok, lately I've been getting BSOD's while starting up all source games besides Garry's Mod. I have no idea why it started doing it lately as the games were working just the other day.. Anyway.. I looked in event viewer and at the times of the crashes it said something about eventviewer.dll. So...
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    The last Half-Life game

    valve will buy google.
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    What is your reading speed?

    got bored after 8
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    episode 2 stuck, help (spoiler)

    or none
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    the turrets make me rofl
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    Rank HL2, HL2:1 and HL2:2

    But it'll have more content to make it better tbh But I enjoyed ep2 the most
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    How does it run on your rig?

    pretty smooth for me, besides when i turned the flashlight on. 1024x1048res or whatever, its something like that anyways 8xCSAA extra high textures everything on 8600gt core 2 quad 2gb ram wewt
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    The "I have played/ or playing ep2 and Have to talk about it..." thread (spoilers)

    I remember going ****ING STRIDERRSS and got yelled at by my dad >_> there were too many :P
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    (spoliers) Anybody fancy giving me a break down of the story?

    I can't remember the Gman speach much, but Eli sure did. ;)
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    The "I have played/ or playing ep2 and Have to talk about it..." thread (spoilers)

    Also, skeletons in the game were cool, should be good in Gmod.
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    its ****ing out now

    yeah 22% and 26% took the longest for me D: annoying