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    Old folk

    I just popped in to see what's going on and it's real eery in here now! It was good times indeed. Peace out.
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    Dirty Bomb (new Splash Damage fps)

    Hey guys - been a while :) Just popping in to big up Dirty Bomb! This time it's f2p, PC exclusive (yey), and they've dropped id Tech in favour of the Unreal engine (yey).
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    The Golden Era of JRPGs-Great JRPGs Recommendations

    Yeah - I thought it was ok. Everything felt like a side quest and it didn't really draw me in, though. Seiken Densetsu 3 was better, but still not a patch on SoM. It's a shame that Squaresoft never really settled on a formula with the Mana games, especially after getting it so right with SoM...
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    Diablo 3 open Beta this weekend

    The mechanics seem sound - not missing skill trees - but i'm not getting on with the cartoony aesthetic. It doesn't have the stark opressive feel of the previous games. Otherwise everything seems all good :)
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    The Golden Era of JRPGs-Great JRPGs Recommendations

    There is a disturbing lack of Secret of Mana in this thread. If this isn't an accidental omission you must make this your first port of call, Snake. It is the greatest JRPG :) I'm enjoying Ys: The Oath of Felghana on steam at the mo btw - worth checking out.
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    Dead Island gameplay video

    ^ agreed. This looks nothing like L4D - letting you explore wide open spaces rather than herding you through narrow maps.
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    Films: Rate and Discuss

    Hobo with a Shotgun - 8/10. Excellent, gratuitous, supremely quotable fun. More than makes up for the crock that was Machete. 'I'm gonna wash this blood off with your blood'
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    Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines - On Steam!

    Thread resurrection! The summer deal was enough to tempt me. It's just the unoffical 5.2 patch I need and then good to go?
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    3DS price lowered to US$170, early adopters get free games

    Pilot Wings was good, if short. I'm sure the new Mario will be excellent and the usual cast of Zelda, Metroid etc etc will be too. And to be fair - the new Monkey Ball was balls. A remake of the original would have been great. I've got no problem with remakes - good for fans and great for...
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    3DS price lowered to US$170, early adopters get free games

    Sadly i'm more excited by the prospect of revisiting Star Fox than most new releases. I certainly enjoyed playing OoT again more than most games in recent years. The N64 is home to many great gamers games which make for a nice change to the gritty cinematic experiences that hold your hand from...
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    Zero Punctuation

    lalalala still the best game ever lalalala
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    Conan the Barbarian Trailer

    **** me that looks shit.
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    Have there been any new FPS Games released in the last 3 months i might not have know

    The fps scene is crap at the moment - on and offline!
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    Post a screenshot!

    I haven't played L&G recently, but a few months ago there were a few completely lag free dedicated servers with regular players. The difference this makes compared to the laggy player hosted crap we got before is huge.
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    Dishonored - New game from Arkane with interesting pedigree.

    Ooh, I like the look of this and I liked Dark Messiah. Added to the watch list.