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    Seems we'll have new Half-Life game. What's some life events you've had since Orange Box in 2007?

    Since 2007, I graduated high school, spent 9 years at university across 4 different cities, finally graduated, moved back to my hometown and got a job as a genetic counsellor. Still play games (probably more than I should), and otherwise just enjoying not being a student anymore.
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    If you post it, they will come...

    Oh god I have forgotten about that post. ...Maybe coming back here was a bad idea after all.
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    HL: Alyx announcement trailer

    As others have said, the graphics look gorgeous. The short "gameplay" clips looked pretty cool (like how "solid" the world looks), but I'm hoping we see longer uninterrupted footage at the VGAs.
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    Valve to unveil a "Flagship VR game" Half-Life: Alyx this thursday

    Whew, I can finally dust off this old account. I'm very interested to see how this turns out. Since it's been 12 years since the last Half Life game, there's going to be a lot of pressure to turn out something good. VR has some good games right now, but nothing considered to be a killer app...
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    Your Favourite HL2.Net Memory

    All good memories posted so far. Other memories that come to mind are the Image Dumps, Photoshop Contests, and the infamous Christmas Roulette.
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    Who's about?

    I visit that Tane website occasionally even to this day. Speaking of signatures, clicked on yours and rediscovered that thread of Willie's from 2007. Can't believe that was 10 years ago now.
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    Who's about?

    Yeah, I remember you. Still swing by here from time to time. I used to do it so much that it's pretty much become instinctual now.
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    Saw a PM in my inbox...

    I once got a 0 point infraction from Munro, what is even the purpose of an infraction with 0 points?
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    Ati level

    Wow, back when those cards were branded as ATI as opposed to AMD... Heck of a bump.
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    Who're you again?
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    no posts in image dump in 2 years

    Wow, haven't seen that image in ages. Whatever happened to RJMC?
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    Even though I don't post as much anymore, I can't shake the habit of checking this site periodically. It's just a "muscle memory" of sorts for me at this point. Happy to see familiar faces who are still around though!
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    So I've been gone for months, what's new?

    Proof that old farts (except for Stern) check this website every now and again.
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    The International 2015 Tournament Concludes

    It probably hadn't sunk in for them yet. You spend countless hours, days, weeks, months, practicing to get it this far, it must feel pretty surreal to finally make it. Also you're right that they were exhausted at the end. They said they were probably going to take at least a month break from...
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    The International 2015 Tournament Concludes

    Great competition, much more entertaining to watch than last year's. Lots of upsets (especially CDEC, holy crap did they play well), and an amazing all-star match to boot.