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    So how much is Valve going to charge for HL2DM?

    Yeah, it's Canada. Taxes are much higher there. I'm assuming the 15% figure was serious.
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    I bought HL2 and now I feel remorse

    The game has incredible gameplay but is missing serious plot elements. It treats us like we understand what is going on. We start the game having no clue what is going on and little is explained before we are involved with Kleiner and Alex and working with the resistance. They never really...
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    Gamespot's review - another opinion

    Nicely written Acert93.
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    Where is the stutter patch?

    Valve usually releases updates through steam later in the day. It's still early, at least in Valve's time zone. Everything they do is on their time zone, not yours, wait till 7-9 pm Pacific then start whining.
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    What cool hidden things did you find?

    It's not a belt. That is what prostetic legs look like. Some of them at least.
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    Truth on the combine whereabouts, all the story/info

    So what does half-life 2 have to do with half-life 1? Does Xen play any part and who are the "people" who invaded Earth? At the end of half-life 1 the g-man states that the border world is "in our control." What happened with that, but then again do we know who the g-man is? It kinda pisses me...
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    Half Life 2 Conspiracy

    It reminds me of a sony product logo or some other company logo of some sort.
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    3 pics

    Thx. My internet at home has been jacked so I was on a library, and you know how those things block everything (yet i can get onto these forums). Those pics are quite nice. I like the striders, it's a creepy looking picture. I can't believe we have less than a week. :bounce:
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    3 pics

    If somebody sees this post, can you post those pics, instead of a link, it doesnt work for me and I would like to see them. Thanks. edit: oh, somebody else had the same problem and nobody could help him, sorry for posting the same thing guys.
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    HL2 Reviewers

    Or, with time to pick it apart, they may have rated it lower. Sorry to be the pessimist, but you know it's another possibility. And no, i'm not saying it is really gonna suck. And, for most of the reviews, the scores could'nt get much higher. If when you sit down and actually play the game...
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    Have you played the leak?

    If you read the full PC Gamer (US) article from the beginning you are warned that while they are minor, there are inevitably some spoilers in the review. You brought it upon yourself reading it, so dont bitch. And no, I haven't played the leak. I didn't want to spoil the game playing some...
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    The 37th Mandala

    I liked that...what is that quote from, I just can't quite grasp it? Was it one of the Matrix movies?
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    true or false???

    I don't see how they will do Q4 (large outdoor war scenes) without toning down the graphics at least some, or some aspects of it. Unless they just count on pcs being a hundred times more powerful by the time of release.
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    Localized European Versions -> other language?

    I don't know anything about this, but trust me, if you can do it with half-life, then I'm sure you will be able to do it with Half-Life 2.
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    1 day early...

    :laugh: laugh while you can....