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    Who's about?

    My God, it's been a while....
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    Italian PM Berlusconi calls Merkel an un****able lardass

    He's one to talk, he looks like the Italian version of Danny Devito.
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    My brother works for ATK :D
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    Boners!!! I'm pitching a tent over this like mad.
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    Only one republican candidate for President believes in Evolution

    He's also an economical genius with a backbone.
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    Anyone considering not supporting Obama in 2012?

    With the economy being my main concern, I vote for the man with the golden touch.
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    DOTA 2 leaked screenshots

    I've had much more raging involved in LoL than compared to the original Dota. Seems an account with stats tied to it, gets the blood boiling when people make it look bad. And there's ways Valve could reduce the rage.
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    DOTA 2 leaked screenshots

    Looks purty :) Looking forward to dropping LoL and it's shitty community for hopes of a less shitty community.
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    Fans picketing outside of Valve's office for HL3

    Ummm, no. Throughout the years, Valve has been very supportive of their community in many different ways. There's a strong reason why Valve has such a loyal and dedicated fan base. Even the guy who stole the source code, after he was busted, explained he didn't do it out of malice, but was a...
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    I hope you die in a fire Willie. With much love, Urinal
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    China Gov on train accident: "in the face of great tragedy, there's great love"

    As previously stated, China, go die in a fire. And stop stealing everything and recreating it into a watered down piece of shit.
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    Chinese couple sell their kids to pay for MMO habit

    China can go die in a fire.
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    So I got pulled over by the Police...

    It happens, we all get pulled over at some point. I'm white, clean-cut (most of the time), no tattoos, drive a very plain looking car, polite and I drive at a moderate speed. I was pulled over, wearing my Air Force "Blues", full decorations, driving the speed limit and on my way to an Air Force...
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    Western Mechs vs Eastern Mecha
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    iCEnhancer mod GTA IV

    Might be buying this, just for the Mod D: