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    CS:GO Trailer 'Making Of' Video

    That could be any HL2 style Icon, you can't tell at all.
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    [VIDEO] Black Mesa Source 'On A Rail' Footage Leaked

    I might be wrong, but I think one of the devs said through out the level you prep the rocket, maybe before you reach the top you raise it up.
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    [VIDEO] Black Mesa Source 'On A Rail' Footage Leaked

    I didn't mean they were using the voice actor from HL1 and 2. Kevin "Debeerguy007" Sisk - Security Guard, Barney Calhoun, G-man, Eli Vance He does the G-Man voice in he 2009 trailer, and he sounds right on.
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    [VIDEO] Black Mesa Source 'On A Rail' Footage Leaked

    Yeah, I remember now. Sorry.
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    [VIDEO] Black Mesa Source 'On A Rail' Footage Leaked

    You can hear BMS's G-Man in their trailer for 2009. That sound clip was not taken from episode 2. Also, just like HL1 and 2 Their Barney vocie actor also does G-man. Also, I they have stated head bobbing intensity can be changed in BMS, he/she may have had it set to high, if that is true.
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    [VIDEO] Black Mesa Source 'On A Rail' Footage Leaked

    Uhh HL1 had head bob. And the 357 Ironsight might be a replacement for the Zoom it had in HL1. Either way the BMS team have strictly stated that Black Mesa will not have ironsights as a Main feature. this might be a toggle thing in the game options/extra menu, like the headcrab attaching to...
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    No Cut Scenes in Left 4 Dead

    That really isn't a cut scene, It is still in First person, gman is just messing with your mind.
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    Far Cry 2 is Now Available for Pre-Order

    The Official Specs were posted somewhere. and they were 1/2 as demanding as Crysis.
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    I killed Dr. Kleiner

    Garry's Mod doesn't have the ammo type icon, or the flashlight icon. So no it isn't. Plus I've done this before. It was fun.
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    Will we be better off?

    Once the combine are gone, there will probably be groups of people trying to claim power in the world.
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    Has the HL2 update been cancelled?

    well quite a few users still have DX7 cards, the new engine doesn't support DX7, that will eliminate some of their user base
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    E308 - Portal: Still Alive Coming This Year on XBLA

    Well if it doesn't come to steam, 1: People will be pissed 2: People will recreate the maps. Quick someone e-mail Gabe! Not that hes probably got 100s of e-mails already.
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    Lombardi Interview - Portal and Orange Box 2?

    Interesting Interview. I want more EP3 shit lol.
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    Conspiricies about what's inside the borealis

    I don't know if this has been mentioned already. But maybe we will fight those military Androids GLaDOS mentioned in portal.
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    So My XBOX360 Won't Play Half Life 1?

    Alyx is not in any picture in HL1.