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    Logical Fallacy and You (AKA how to tell when you aren't making sense)

    wow there goes half the politics forum out the window!! lol oh can't disprove that, BTW... j/k :)
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    Sexy but ultimately stupid

    worst example of green/blue screen I have seen in years...hell our TV Show looks better than this...
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    People too political now days?

    Sorry about this...but here we go if you must bash ,at least bash the real monsters..the assholes with power in any country that let ANY of this shit go on... why was it ok with the UN and various others that Saddams son(forgot which one) was torturing the Iraqi Olympics team? they...
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    No Hiring of White Men Allowed!?

    QF ****ING T!!! people should (A) get over the mistakes of the past and learn from them so it doesn't happen again.. and (B) don't keep the hate alive and kicking by dwelling on it as though it was this morning..
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    Bush wanted to bomb Al-Jezeera

    if only someone would invent "Insurgent seeking" weapons...bombs that only kill/incapacitate insurgents I wish we would get the hell out of Iraq so the Sunni and Shi'ites can go back to wiping themselves out,as it seems to be their favorite hobby... maybe whoever won out of that would be...
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    Look at this Release Date for a Game Guide

    12:00AM PST (VALVe Time) Nov. 16th, 2004 = HL2 Release date and I think they should shoot for the same date/time for Aftermath
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    "We need to exterminate the white people"

    men kill men..rinse and repeat for 1000s of years..
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    US to execute Nobel Peace prize nominee

    murderers,rapists and pedos should not have the option of release... petty criminals? serve time..let go.. big punishment for big crimes.. you take a life intentionally = loss of your rights.. simple as a pimple (not really but I wish it was) say you graffiti some stores or...
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    US to execute Nobel Peace prize nominee

    thank you!!! the way some people act we may as well say, "well if only Hitler was alive so we could rehab him..." its sooo easy to say "I'm sorry and it will never happen again" but what if because of you (founding a gang) that thing you won't do again..well it keeps on happening...
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    Japan developing remote control for humans as hell, but scary
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    Gun Rights Victory!

    ok..I am going to sue the sun for being too bright and hurting my eyes... and the company that made my skateboard for making me fall down go boom... and the acorn that rolled under my foot when I was walking the other day... see a pattern? mankind is the problem...guns are...
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    US to execute Nobel Peace prize nominee

    this guy permanently took someone elses rights away...why should he have any? if I kill someone (illegally) guess what? I just forfeited all my rights..bye bye all gone unless there is proof he didn't do it..besides the "racial" motivations of the cops... why glorify the criminal? why...
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    Iraq-2,000 American Service Men and Women Dead

    the fault of many fanatics on both sides..just my opinion.. the insurgents and the current U.S. idea of fanatics,just to clarify
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    Iraq-2,000 American Service Men and Women Dead

    well..war is good for lowering the population...raising the deficit...ummmm...getting rid of unsightly buildings/trees/landscapes..... oh yeah..makes for good movies and/or anime.. thats it for me,can anyone else come up with anything war is good for?
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    Rosa Parks Dead

    too bad another Rosa Parks type of role model hasn't come along yet... and Kangy..those kids weren't "trailer trash"..nowadays,yes they would be, but back did as your parents told you to! and you better believe in what they believed in as well or else you won a date with a...