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    I need the patched Oblivion exe

    No, I used the term "CD" loosely to mean the DVDs. Since a DVD is a Compact Disc... as Raziaar said, I use them interchangeably. Nevermind, my roommate said he has the DVDs, I'll just reinstall the crap. No kidding, I usually always do... but for some reason I didn't for Oblivion.
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    Games People Need To Play, But Haven't

    QFT. I would also add Thief III. Seriously, people hate on that game but it has the Shalebridge Cradle, the most SCARY, SHIT-YOUR-PANTS level ever created. Ever. :eek:
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    I need the patched Oblivion exe

    That would be excellent except my CD is at home, not at my dorm. :) Plus, with all these mods, I'd rather not... I just need someone who has the game zip their EXE and post it.
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    I need the patched Oblivion exe

    Hey forumers. So, I own Oblivion and Shivering Isles and I've been playing around with mods. Well, I think that my No-CD patched EXE is causing problems. I have heard that they are notorious for causing crashes. So, I need the 1.2.416 patched Oblivion.exe. I have the original CD exe, but that...
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    Team Fortress 2 Beta Live

    I have yet to play (class and work) but tonight I will. I keep thinking of No One Lives Forever and their kind of humor. I can't wait!
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    Bioshock comes to Steam!

    Isn't it being released Aug 21st? It's not a midnight release? Why does it say playable in 18 hours? It should be about 3 hours here in NY.
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    Bioshock comes to Steam!

    I can tell the future. Yesterday as I was playing the demo with my friend, I said, "They should have signed up with Valve so they can release it on Steam. That'd be AWESOME." And guess what, they did. I'd rather have it for PC than 360... other games, like Eternal Sonata and Assassin's...
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    Eidos Expands Steam Collection

    This reminds me of why I love Steam so much... EA Link isn't bad either *as he downloads C&C 3*. Seriously... Civ IV, Dreamfall, Thief?! It's glorious.
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    It's Now Fall 2007...

    I should be able to finish HL2 Wiimod in that amount of time. And Episode 1 as well.
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    Black Mesa - Upcoming Mod of the Year!

    By all that is holy, RELEASE IT SOON.
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    Dark Messiah of Might & Magic - Coming to Steam

    Gamespot has open beta activation codes for Dark Messiah (MP). I'd do it, it's downloading for me right now. PS. works for Basic members, too.
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    Dark Messiah of Might & Magic - Coming to Steam

    Awesome, I love the demo and I can't wait till it comes out.
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    New Valve Gameplay Videos

    AGGHH, I lovvvveee their new style! TF2 looks so hilarious, I love how the soldiers waddle, it's just great. And the spy with his cigarette. And the sniper with the Australian hat, god, it's just awesome. :thumbs:
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    Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Demo Released

    Oh god I love this battle system. I also love the quick switch, mouse-wheel function. Obviously expected since it's using the quick switch in HL2, but it works awesome. I like the interface too, and the tree skill system. I love it, I'll be buying it. Only problem I ran into was a CRC error...
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    Team Fortress 2 Trailer

    AHAHAH, that trailer had me LOL'ing. I loved No One Lives Forever and this looks just as funny. Yes, TF2 will be awesome just because of the artwork, I love it.