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    TF2 Update 11/6/14 Adds Mysterious Bread

    HL3 confirmed.
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    BF4 Fixed?! :o

    Been a pretty decent sized patch last night focused on the "netcode" issues and I must say the game is feeling a LOT better. Guns feel more powerful and the hit markers are far more consistent in fire fights. At its core they have pushed the tick rate up to 30hz from 10hz so there is a hell of...
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    Can't skin barrel on csgo P250

    The UV's are likely to be bugged. You would need to open the geometry in a modeling package and check it out. Just looked at it in modo - looks like a lot of shitty UVing going on but if you have filled the entire space with red it should still come up red.
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    Default Weapon Models?

    Hello CSGO people. Is there any way to disable all of the custom skins? I just want to see default textures and skins... I have no interest in running around with some dudes flaming pink knife :/ It's putting me off from wanting to play the game all together. I'm hoping for some kind of...
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    CSR Classics!

    =D We got editors choice lastnight so we are right big on the front page of the app store. Wooop!
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    CSR Classics!

    Huzzah! The title I have been working on for the last year has just been released yesterday across the globe. CSR Classics is a sequal to the popular CSR Racing dragstar that hit Iphones + Ipads around a year ago only this time the game focuses on classics cars from the 60's > 80's. The...
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    BattleField 4!

    Not seen any BF4 love around here. Whats going on?! The open beta is out tomorrow, should be good trying it out.
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    Xbox One

    Now MS have stated that the connect does not need to be connected I reckon it wont be long until the kinect free version will be announced and at a cheaper price. All the haters will be OMFG XBOX 180 LAWL LAWL - but really, its good to see a company listening to what people want and changing...
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    Xbox One

    I'd see not having a touch pad as a benefit - all these silly gimmicks are just nonsense. But really i dont think you will notice much difference playing the same game on either system. Both are using a much more "pc" style architecture and i think it will be very easy to optimise to make both...
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    L4D3 is HL3...? [Theory]

    yes. And now all they make hats. How on earth could 250+ people be making a new video game! Thats just crazy talk, they are all just hat makers.
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    Xbox One

    I think the xbox one looks pretty cool. I've always perfected Xbox over ps, partly because the control pads are nicer but also I'm not that fond of the "style" of games that come out on ps. It's kind of hard to explain but they get a lot of "Japanese" orientated games and they just really dont...
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    L4D3 is HL3...? [Theory]

    No. Valve arnt making games anymore. They just have a shit ton of staff just sitting around making hats for TF2.
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    Source 2 & Left 4 Dead 3 Appear On Valve Changelog

    **** off! Valve are working?!
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    Valve Considering Opening UK Office

    Ah no ways! I was invited down to the develop party lastnight but couldnt be arsed. I could of bedded up some valve guys!
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    What is your speed?

    I'm surprised im not seeing a lot more faster speeds EA had a pretty good connection when i was there.