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  • Hey, you should switch to Imgur. It's faster, gives shorter URLs, viewable by more countries and it's supported by this easy screencap and upload program called Tiny Uploader. You can use it to draw a rectangle on your screen to capture, or drag files into the window (even multiple ones), or right click images in windows and upload with the context menu. It even keeps a log of the images you uploaded if you wish.
    Hey um, I hope you didn't find my post as condescending or superior as you claimed, but I genuinely wish to sway you from your desire to purchase Call of Duty in the future. I've played the campaign of everyone since the original. The first is actually quite remarkable, especially for its time, and is one of my favorite games of all time. The second is more of the same in new-ish settings. Three is more so, less inspired. Four is interesting, but ultimately the modern equivalent. A romp through a bunch of levels killing guy after guy without any story or characters or interesting new things to keep you going. Now, I desperately don't want to give developers more money to make the same game again and again (and they will, CoD5,6,7,8,9) so why don't you go buy a nice book or read something you already own or replay a quality old game? There are so many other options.
    Paradox or not, I desperately want to go back in time and remove your parents genitalia.
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