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    Hey What-the-Cuckoo!

    For a sec I thought you were talking about cucks. kek
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    Half-Life 3 confirmed and coincidences

    Why hasn't anyone accepted its never coming out? Laidlaw retiring should have been in the tell tale sign.
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    favorite games 2015

    Well for one TW3 is a medieval fantasy action RPG and Fallout 4 is an open world FPS with some RPG elements. Comparing the combat is like comparing apples and oranges. FO4 removed so many things like skills, the dialogue system is absolutely pathetic, the voice acting is terrible, the writing...
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    favorite games 2015

    Putting witcher 3 below FO4 is kind of unfair considering that the former shits all over the later in every single area. especially considering that it just won GOTY and FO4 didn't win anything except Todd Howard being the king of lies. Heck, I'd put TW3 and GTAV PC ahead of FO4. anyways, i'd...
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    Turkey made a mistake...The world is going bonkers

    There is alot of dick waiving between all of these politicians the last few weeks, and in a case like the Turks shooting first against Russia don't be surprised if NATO ignores article 5.
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    Valve still wants to do paid mods

    At this point Valve pushing "paid mods" and "user generated content" just basically third party DLC, money has gone to their head in the worst way. Think of it this way, if Valve do make a Half-Life 3 or Left 4 Dead 3, get ready to see this in it.
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    Valve still wants to do paid mods

    So apparently they think because time passed people will warm up to it, sure thing
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    Half-life 3 "Wish List"

    Two simple wishes: 1) No in-game store, crates and key version for HL3. You can support the game without turning it into a F2P game. 2) Please don't make the idiot playtesters dumb down the game, make it challenging. Portal 2 and HL2 were way too easy. I liked what Tomonobu Itagaki said once...
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    Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Aged 55

    The video game industry has lost a legend. rip
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    Half-Life Artist Ted Backman has left Valve

    With steam alone, they don't have to make another game ever again. Especially with such a naive and disgustingly loyal fanbase that is content with buying unfinished products, 3rd party dlc with no quality control and always online DRM. Valve is like the British Empire trying to spread its...
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    Half-Life Artist Ted Backman has left Valve

    The designs for the heroes in Dota 2 look pretty much the same as most medieval fantasy designs. Crystal Maiden, Drow Ranger and Wind Runner in particular. LoL designs are just waifu bait.
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    Half-Life Artist Ted Backman has left Valve

    Except for poor Marc Laidlaw, reduced to writing dialogue for some ESPORTS MOBA shit. That BreenGrub thing was pretty much a major indicator of a video game writer with nothing to do, which is rather unfortunate. Maybe Laidlaw, other old valve employees and Kojima go make awesome single player...
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    Half-Life Artist Ted Backman has left Valve

    ep3/hl3 will be a memetastic BAZINGA romantic comedy.
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    Half-Life Artist Ted Backman has left Valve

    What other news that HL3/ep3 will never happen.
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    Half-Life 2: Episode Two is Now Available on the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV

    Don't forget the part where Nvidia™ gets to screw over its own customers of the older cards with Gameworks™. Forcing everyone to buy a Titan X™ to run the game, The Way Its Meant To Be Played™