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    HL: Alyx announcement trailer

    So I'm reaching here, but have to write this prediction down. Here's what David Speyrer from Valve says: “While it does take place before the events of Half-Life 2, we actually recommend that you play through Half-Life 2: Episode 2 before you play Half-Life: Alyx, for reasons that will become...
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    HL: Alyx announcement trailer

    Seeing a new HL trailer 12 years after playing Episode 2 is absolutely surreal. It's a good 6 or 7 years since I gave up on seeing another Half-Life. Not surprisingly, the visuals are outstanding. The style and art direction are instantly recognizable from HL2, but with modern quality...
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    Valve to unveil a "Flagship VR game" Half-Life: Alyx this thursday

    I'm very surprised. I'm also not sure how to feel about it. If it's a VR game, it's almost certainly not a traditional FPS - dynamic games with lots of first-person movement simply don't work for many people in VR due to nausea. So the game's very likely to be very different from HL in gameplay...
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    Black Mesa mod first release announced

    Nice! I've been following this ever since they begun development. I know this site has some naysayers of the mod, but I believed and still believe that taking HL and putting it on a modern engine with slightly modernized level design would result in a great mod. From what footage I've seen, it...
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    Major update to Steam Subscriber Agreement - Arbitration, Class Action Suits, Valve Luxembourg

    I find this update legally interesting. I'm no expert on American law, so it would be good to hear clarification from someone as to how Section 12 is legal. I understand that arbitration agreements are legally binding in themselves, but is it possible to waive the right to sue in a contract? I'd...
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    EXCLUSIVE: Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Concept Art

    I love this - the sheer irony of the first Ep3 material in who knows how long being 4 years old. I'm also sure that reading the development history of Ep3/HL3 will be no less exciting than the development history of HL2, with all that's happened so far. And Xen really has the potential to be...
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    The Stanley Parable HL2 Mod Released

    Well well. Am pretty far from my HL2 PC now, but this looks interesting just from the news post. The name makes me think of Stanley Milgram... and if the mod is indeed a parable on that, it could be great. Looks like it has style.
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    Eli Vance (spoilers)

    Yeah, he didn't exactly have a choice as to what to attack with. So he was just desperately trying to distract the advisors at least. Heck, it even worked - they switched their attention to Eli and later Dog scared them off, so Eli did succeed at saving his daughter by sacrificing himself. As...
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    Weekend Deal: Fallout 3 on Sale

    Yeah, my European Steam offers it for 22,49 Euros. Which isn't exactly what you'd expect from a discount price. It's really sad they're still using the 1USD=1EUR approach and in some cases, like with Fallout here, an even less advantageous rate. I still haven't bought anything from Steam since...
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    Gabe Newell's Interview with G4

    Yeah, some people who were afraid of Ep3 being cancelled or somesuch were reading too much into it. It's obviously a bigger project than Ep1/Ep2 and we know how fast the Valve guys work... But I think there's also something else to it. Specifically, I think they want to move away from the...
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    Human Vortiguant?

    He's referring to the book "Carrie" by Stephen King
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    Fan-made HL2 movie

    Ha, I always knew I'm in City 17 - the opening shots are of my city :) Excellent video, I'm surprised at how well they integrated HL2 objects into the reel. I can only imagine what they would pull off if they had a budget.
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    Euro and Sterling Now Available

    Very bad news. I am also in an EU country that doesn't yet use Euros, and this made games at least one third more expensive. Their choice of making the games cost as many Euros as they cost dollars is horrid, so there go reasonably priced games. Given the sorry situation of the world economy...
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    Black Mesa Official Trailer Released

    I think that argument isn't as strong as it initially sounds. Of course BM won't sell more than HL did, but it sure is marketable. What does it matter if it's a mod remake? "Mod" merely means created by someone other than the developer, using a set of construction tools. Hell, Opposing Force is...
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    Black Mesa Official Trailer Released

    Reasons such as? I don't think it's a huge stretch for Valve to adopt BM. It'd make HL: Source look bad? Oh well... I think a modern remake of HL1 is exactly something that could be popular and sell. I wouldn't be surprised to see Valve hire some of the team later, too. Black Mesa sure has a lot...