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    International 3 Tournament Concludes

    After months of games and preparation, Valve's annual International 3, the largest Dota tournament in the world, has concluded. 16 teams fought to be the world champions, but only one could remain. After a largely Chinese dominated TI2, the third International saw rise in the western Dota teams...
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    Source Filmmaker Update Celebrates 1st Anniversary

    A new blog over at the Source Filmmaker blog has been posted, announcing a new update along with celebrating it's one year anniversary. After one year Source Filmmaker is still chugging along strongly, as it was only three months ago that Steam Workshop support was added. Included in the new...
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    Dota 2 Released From Beta

    The eagerly awaited and highly anticipated launch of Dota 2 is now upon us. After nearly 2 years of development, the game is currently being released a mere month before The International 3. Numbers during the beta indicated that Dota 2 grew to have the largest active community on Steam...
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    The Last of Us- New game by Naughty Dog

    Beat this last night and loved it. The different emotions and interactions between characters was amazing and the last half of the game is one of the best I've played in years. Everyone should play this game.
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    Game of Thrones thread with lots of books spoilers inside spoiler tags

    Book readers and non book reader's reactions summed up in one perfect gif:
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    LucasArts Shut Down

    I was just talking about Kotor.
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    LucasArts Shut Down

    That is the worst news ever. Bioware already ****ed up Kotor with the Old Republic, just give it to Obsidian. Please.
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    System Shock 2 goes on sale on GOG tomorrow

    For anyone playing SS2 for the first time (you lucky bastard!) here are a couple mods that I would recommend for a first time play through: System Shock 2.4 Patch- Bug fixes and various features. GoG version comes with it. SS2 SHTUP (Shock Texture Update Project)- Updates a lot of object...
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    System Shock 2 goes on sale on GOG tomorrow

    Great news. If anyone here hasn't played SS2 now is the time, you have no excuses now.
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    Aliens : Colonial Marines

    Everything I've heard about this has been super negative, which is a real bummer. Not much of a fan of Gearbox but I was excited to see how this would turn out. It's a shame that Sega cancelled the (basically finished) Aliens RPG from Obsidian for this and 2010 AvP.
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    Your favorite game of all time

    System Shock 2. Deus Ex comes close but System Shock caters to my love of survival horror, sci-fi, and FPS with RPG elements.
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    Black Friday Great Snatches In Your Hands Yeah!

    Got a PS Vita with 3 months free of PSN+, a copy of Sony Smash Bros and AC:L and a 4GB memory card for $180. My only major purchase.
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    ARMA 2

    2 out of 140.
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    Dota 2 Halloween Event "Diretide" Now Live

    With only one day before the actual holiday itself comes the Halloween Update for Dota 2. Included are a new game mode called Diretide, Eggs and cosmetic items. Along with the update came a new cinematic for the event, made completely in Source Filmmaker. Check it out here. Diretide is a new...