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    Steam Self-Use Refunds Now Available For Pre-Orders

    It's a start, but not nearly enough regarding Steam's refund policies. You shouldn't need to "refund" a preorder at all. CC's should be charged only upon release.
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    Exalted Opinions, Games of 2013

    Best: Bioshock Infinite, Civ 5: Brave New World, Assassin's Creed IV, Borderlands 2 DLC Worst: Killzone Shadow Fall, Arkham Origins, BF4 (with the current state of PS4 multiplayer)
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    Problem with steam games- TF2 , Garrys Mod, CSS

    What are your temps (CPU/GPU) when running these games? Also, refer to this article for tips with paged memory issues (what your error code suggests). And update your drivers.
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    Post a screenshot!

    Ultra settings + alternative lighting. Alternate doesn't seem to cause mouse lag with me. Perhaps try turning off mouse acceleration?
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    BHC reviews: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

    Does it perform like a port on PC? I've always ran into performance hiccups with ACIII even though I have a pretty robust build.
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    Post a screenshot!

    Which post-processing setting do you use?
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    PS4 Vs. Xbox One

    Jesus ****ing christ. So, UPS apparently delivered my PS4 today. However, I AM NOT HOME. I'm stuck in San Antonio because of the shitstorm that raged through the Midwest last night. I have no idea how they delivered it. I did not buzz them into my apartment building remotely and I do not have a...
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    PS4 Vs. Xbox One

    Update: Out of like 80 people at the store, I was one of 10-15 people who didn't get a ticket. They ran out with the person right in front of me. I was pissed. However, when I got home, I went on the PS4 subreddit and found a post indicating Amazon had opened up sales again. Sealed an order just...
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    PS4 Vs. Xbox One

    Well, I missed the preorder window. However, there's a Best Buy across from the San Antonio airport I'll be flying into tomorrow. I called up a few buddies and we're gonna give it a try for their midnight launch thing.
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    PS4 Vs. Xbox One

    I guess COD: Ghosts will have an install of 49GB on the PS4. Are developers just saying "**** it" and making cross-platform games have mandatory installs because the Xbone requires it?
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    Pictures of Yourself the "Jintor demands it happen" version

    I have risen... from extinction. My eye holes, however, were injured in the return.
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    I finally remembered the name of this game. Nostalgia Thread

    Holy ****ing shit. I played the shit out of that. Probably Star Wars: X-Wing and TIE Fighter were my first. After that, JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain. I'm sure Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego and Oregon Trail were in there somewhere.
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    Batman: Arkham Origins

    Map is so much bigger than AC, but I'm being hit with some major performance issues. Hopefully the new Nvidia drivers solve them.
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    Your number one film

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
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    What Will Your Reaction Be When HL3 Gets Announced?

    "Meh.." *Opens up GTAXII*