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    Iranian Elections Erupt in Utter Chaos

    I have a feeling, that if the current Iranian government is over thrown, that girl, Neda, may be seen as a martyr for a cause and be carried into the pages of history. That may be a bit delusional or me, but I think that it's a possibility. I'm simply horrified right now . . . I feel like less...
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    Suggest some SNES games for me to purchase.

    Everyone who has suggested Chrono Trigger is a genius. There's a new version out for it though on the DS. I own it and I definitely recommend it. There's only a few stupid extra stuff, but you can't beat the portable system so you can bring awesomeness where ever you go.
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    I caught my dad with my GF!

    That was my thoughts exactly, which were quickly followed with. Oh! I see what you did thar!
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    What game to get... help me decide

    I'm afraid that Scribblenauts will be mostly hype. There's no doubt that it's introducing an insanely awesome idea, but I feel like people are going too over the wall with it and it's not going to be as great as people expect it to be. This is exactly why I never follow video games until...
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    Plane Crash near my home

    Holy crap, Warped. I'm glad to hear you're not dead and I'm sorry for all of those people who died, including that girl from your high school.
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    What Skin Do You Use?

    I'm a newb and had no idea you could change the default. I prefer blue so far.
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    Rate the last game you played

    I finally picked up Bioshock. Never got around to beating it because of school and other crap, but I never seem to finish games these days either. I still give it a 8/10. I loved the "sense" you got from that game with the recordings you could find. It gave you a great background and...
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    Firearms: Source Media Update

    But the original FA team wasn't working on FA: Source. In fact, it was their intentions to kill it. Was it their decision to do that? Absolutely. They created it. But does that mean I would be happy with that decision? Hell no. I am glad that someone else picked up the pieces, albeit...
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    Thanks man.

    Thanks man.
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    Ever paid for a prostitute's services?

    Nope. Never paid for a hooker. I have a buddy who lost his virginity to one in Japan though!
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    I feel bad for people who suffer from anxiety. I have a relatively relaxed outlook on life, sometimes to the point of apathy or simply blowing off obligations. I guess it's just trying to let the little things go and allowing yourself to mess up once in awhile without driving for perfection...
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    Actually, I have gotten that a few times. I never even heard of the song before someone said...

    Actually, I have gotten that a few times. I never even heard of the song before someone said, "Eww Slipknot," to me in a game. The real reason I chose this name was because I write a lot and I like the sound the word phonetically.
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    Can Valve use the AI director for Half Life 2 Ep 3?

    I think people are thinking that the AI Director would be used exactly how it is in Left 4 Dead. I'd imagine that if they did want to implement the AI Director into Episode 3, they would greatly enhance or change what the Director did, how it did it and when. This would essentially change the...