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    Vote for Half-Life 2: Episode 2

    Wow. I haven't checked in on what's been going on in the Guinness book for more than a decade (apart from seeing the "Video Game Edition" on store shelves), but this is not the sort of thing they're supposed to be about. They used to be about objective, measurable world records. "Fastest...
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    Precursor Mod Released

    I didn't get the impression that Gordon was passed out for very long.
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    I Hate Mountains - Left 4 Dead 1 Campaign Coming June

    Portal: Prelude was okay. The flash version mappack was more fun. Prelude didn't really advance the puzzling, but upped the difficulty of the platforming several steps. Flash version mappack expanded the puzzling aspect. In short, if you liked Portal, you would like the flash version...
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    Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Source Beta Update Released

    I liked people not fearing pyros for the same reason pedophiles like children not fearing ice cream trucks.
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    Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    The description only mentioned the Pyro's nerf and left out the buff. Reflected projectiles mini-crit now. (Backburner was straight nerfed, making it even less useful. Flare gun is unnecessarily nerfed by decreased afterburn.) Crit-a-Cola is a Scout secondary weapon, like Bonk Energy Drink...
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    Left 4 Dead 2 'The Passing' DLC - One Survivor Dies

    From a storytelling perspective, it's meaningless to kill off a character if the audience doesn't care about their life. It also cheapens what character death means across your fiction. (In L4D's case, player death being a very different thing from character death.) Killing a character want...
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    Valve Announces $25 Mil Left 4 Dead 2 Ad Campaign

    Screw the $25M ad campaign. Release the intro movie and prepare for instant hype.
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    Games you are looking forward to and games you just don't get the hype for

    Don't get the hype? IT'S TIM SCHAFER!
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    Team Fortress 2 Fixes Released

    Finally! I was wondering why this was taking so long to fix. Aww. I wish I knew about that so I could play with it. Meh. Not really worth fixing. I liked the idea of "completely invulnerable except for one extremely difficult and chance-based instakill." I imagine the lulz from pulling...
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    ZP: 'splosion man and trine.

    I think it's intended. They want to avoid no-win situations when one member of your party dies.
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    Novint Contest - Falcon vs Mouse Revisited

    Wait... TF2 with no unlockable weapons? Not even Blut+Ubersaw for the Medic?
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    King of the Hill

    I like king of the hill. I disagree with the comparisons, to arena, though. Both modes take place on similar, smallish maps and have short rounds relative to cp, ctf, payload, etc. They have completely different dynamics, though. KotH is holding off a constant onslaught (or being a constant...
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    Building your own computer

    It's surprisingly easy. You should do it.
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    Football Manager 2010 coming to Steam

    Oh man, I'd be so freaking pumped if I really wanted to get this! But I don't.
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    Mod idea - HALF-LIFE 2 with HALF-LIFE 1 graphics

    I know I'd play it once. If you're serious about it, I'd suggest converting a small part of the game -- a 10-30 minute section perhaps, releasing it, and seeing if the interest is there for more. If you're lucky, it may even find its way into the hands of talented folks wanting to help demake...