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    Netflix CEO has no idea why people use Netflix in the first place

    I'd kill for a service like Netflix here that allows me to stream the stuff I want to watch without having to bother with torrents or having to store the files on my PC. Literally, I'd kill for it. Give me a toddler and I'll strangle it. I would strangle it good.
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    PORN ON A PLANE!!!!!!!

    I guess this is how Christians feel when confronted with the Westboro Baptist church. This guy is a complete asshole and I don't see how you could like that video.
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    Impress a Girl with a Valentine's Card

    Clarify, were we talking about hookers or vampires?
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    Impress a Girl with a Valentine's Card

    With a razor? Dude, I'm not about to sew those cuts in the skin when I make a coat from her. I don't have time for that kind of nonsense.
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    Impress a Girl with a Valentine's Card

    And if you don't have a valentine then I suppose that razor could be used for other purposes?
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    Chuck - The Best Show You Never Watched

    Really, a good show? I read the thread title and thought "surely, he means another show, right"? It's as throwaway as it gets, can't imagine getting attached to any of the characters. I can't stand the show. It's a show about a nerd, without any of the nerd charm and recognition for actual...
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    Innocent Man Spends 2 Years In Solitary Confinement

    I think I'd be pretty good at solitary confinement. After all, I've been practicing for years. For 22 million? Challenge accepted.
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    Post your latest purchases with pics (NO STOCK IMAGES)

    ****, I wish they still sold Vanilla Coke over here. Loved that stuff. Mmm, creamy.
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    Battlefield 3

    I usually just wanna hit "Quick Match" and pwn some n00bs (read: get frustrated with my ineptitude and rage quit). You gotta admit that matchmaking having you join an empty server is really dumb.
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    Something Awful? :p
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    Battlefield 3

    Goddamn. It pisses me off how this game keeps matchmaking me with empty servers.. Am I that bad, that only an empty server is a good match for my skill level?
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    Rick Santorum: Rape Babies are a gift from god

    It's weird that rape is brought into the abortion debate at all. The example of a woman being raped always gets used as an argument in favor of abortion, but it's so silly. The opponents oppose abortion because they view the fetus as a person*, how it was conceived shouldn't even factor into the...
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    Films: Rate and Discuss

    The thing is though, I'm at episode 5 now and I don't feel compelled in any way to watch any more of it. The writing is good, the acting is good, everything is good but I just don't care. What keeps me going in a show is a sense of anticipation of future events, some mystery, tension, unknowns...
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    Wikipedia 24 hour blackout in protest of SOPA

    I was confused for a second too but then I realized Glenn meant Also, hoping to see something by Google.
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    Old or New

    Lease car, bitches. :smug: Also, I was surprised to see that diesel in the US is more expensive than gasoline.