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    Just got my Poster

    wow thats awesome that they did that, im thinking bout sending in my old HL box and asking for some sigs, maybe wait ill i get the HL2 box too, and get em both done at the same nerdy
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    If and When ? edit: dam you guys are too fast ;-)
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    Is this game gonna require a fee to play online?

    there are diff pay options, like just HL2 SP (no mods), SP and MP and mods, colectors ed, etc, its listed on HL2 section of PHL
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    People that have payed up for HL2 -- are u going to cancel?

    Halo is a great FPS for a console, and a medicore one for PC. If only they optimized it (IT F**KING NEEDS IT!) to run well on a PC, id give it a 85 (out of 100). But since it lags (fps lag i mean) to all hell and back on a athlon xp 1800, ti 4200 , 512ddr, etc,etc, i would only give it a 70...
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    gabe will speak on halflife radio

    holy crap its at an avg of 8 posts a minute, wow is there a recorded session of the show somwhere, pref. in mp3 format, cus i dont want to DL winamp
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    nVIDIA did it (this is only for FUN)

    nVIDIA did it! The same company questioned for skewing 3DMark scores, realeasing Doom3 beta (for gfx testing purposes they had this beta) having very poor performing flagship cards running HL2 compared to ATIs, and having to play catch up to ATI's new XTs (bundled with HL2). THIS IS PURELY...
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    Why would the leak cause a delay?

    This might have caused the delay because Valves computers were being messed with beginning (or observed on) 9/11/03 and things were copied 9/22/03 (if my memory serves me correct). I still think Steam not having enough bandwith is way HL2 was delayed. But this could only have made matters...
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    A quick question

    I think this falls under a Federal Offense. Unless the person happens to be a minor, he is probably pretty FUCTED! The FBI will most likely get in on this. My 2 cents.
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    Steam + HL2 Leak Related?

    crapo, you beat me in the stating that you were beaten, thus beating me, thus we are even. We shall meet again. edit: crap sorry for double post, ehhhh this thread is over anyway
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    Steam + HL2 Leak Related?

    ohhhhhhh! i beat you nsxownzme wtf is nsx?
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    Steam + HL2 Leak Related?

    delete your ClientRegistry.blob in your Steam main folder. It will fix the #steamroot menu glitch. It will cause Steam to DL a very very small update (that file) and everything will be right as rain.
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    How did this site get so popular ?

    Yeh the forums are amazing. We got the world-class Valve Info Only thread. The site is neat and clean, but lacking a lot of info. This is where you get hardcore news, not a summary of what is HL2. PS PlanetHalfLife ....going down the tubes...sadly
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    Valve Needs Your Help!

    Ok, I would delete it , if I had it. I do not have it. I will not DL it. I will open up good ole HL1 SDK and pretend that its the HL2 source ;-) no seriously, screw it, I dont want to be apart of the problem
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    Valve Needs Your Help!

    What a terrible thing. Please dont flame me...but... Is it illegal to have the source code to Source on your HD? I believe it is illegal to DL it, share it, transfer it, but to "have" it on your HD simply for educational or curosity pruposes...I am not sure. Of course, one would have to get...
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    3D design/wallpaper

    yeh thats what i was talking bout in my post