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    The Unoffical Minecraft server 3.0

    Could I be whitelisted? My Minecraft name is AbortFlight.
  2. pilot7893 Minecraft Server Discussion

    I still haven't been re-whitelisted. If you get a chance, it's AbortFlight.
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    camera attached to solid rocket booster during space shuttle launch

    Oh my God, the SRB Sep was absolutely spot on with the music.
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    The Primacy Of Consciousness

    What's this weird stuff oozing out of my ears? Oh, it's my brain. Wait, why is it on fire?
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    Video Dump I (POST YOUR RANDOM/GOOD/FUNNY VIDEOS HERE) After having seen the show this video references, I only find it funnier.
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    Whitelist Names and Associations

    Could I get added again? AbortFlight
  7. pilot7893 Minecraft Server Discussion

    Can I be back on the whitelist as well? Name is AbortFlight.
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    Ever since the upgrade to Beta, I haven't been able to join the server. The same thing happened when I first tried connecting, so I guess it has something to do with the whitelist?
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    I haven't had a chance to get on the server yet, but whatever. Let's do it.
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    Post a screenshot!

    I missed this game so much.
  11. pilot7893 Minecraft Server

    Minecraft name: AbortFlight Whitelist plz
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    Screenshots(! ! !)

    My first home (v2, because v1 got destroyed by, well...), the Secure Tower of Comfort.
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    Screenshots(! ! !)

    Damn, wish I could make something like that. I just got the game today, I made a basic cave as a stepping stone, and I've now started building a Secure Tower of Heartwarming
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    Siamese Twins share brain, can read each other's thoughts

    Split screen co-op in dreams? Awesome.