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    Bethesda: The What?

    Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Skyrim are some of the games that I liked the most, so Bethesda is a great company for me.
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    [UPDATE #5] Half-Life 3 accidentally appears in Gamescom Official List, Then Appears in Keyboard Ad

    PR stunts. Building the hype. Having people talk and getting all excited. It's not a matter of understanding the community's feelings. It's marketing.
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    Bethesda gains rights to STALKER, proceeds to turn it into horseshit

    Yeah. Bethesda games are bad. Nobody plays them. They don't sell. They aren't appreciated by critics and players. They are totally unsuccessful and aren't remembered after years. Yeah.
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    Steam to distribute software starting September 5th 2012

    Nice move. There's a lot of good software out there. It could really benefit from a wider audience. We could have lower prices, better deals and less silly DRM
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    [VIDEO] Black Mesa Source 'On A Rail' Footage Leaked

    Much ado about nothing.
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    New Reference to Alyx Vance & Episode Three Found In SFM Code

    Source 2 is something that Valve seriously needs, to stay at par with the competition.
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    [UPDATE] Gabe Newell on digital distribution, Linux, Windows 8, wearable computing

    Come on Gabe, quit talking shit. Don't you remember the PS3 incident? You had to apologize.
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    Half-life 2 Art Director Viktor Antonov - Why I Left Valve

    Valve stopped making epic, triple-As. Yes Viktor, you are right. All we have is L4Ds, Portals and TF2 hats.
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    EA ****s up again, announces BF4

    Where is the surprise?
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    Steam Big Picture Mode "coming soon" + Valve not planning on changing service after EU ruling

    The EU ruling will affect not only digital download platforms, but the whole DRM scheme of limited activations. It's a revolutionary change. We'll see if publishers and digital platforms are willing to comply or face legal controversies and class actions.
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    Valve Announces Steam Greenlight

    An indie developer talking about getting his game on to Steam: Source
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    Valve Announces Steam Greenlight

    A lot of wonderful indie games don't make it to Steam because Valve employees aren't able to tell gems from shit. More power to gamers will correct that.
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    Valve Announces Steam Greenlight

    This... is... awesome. The more indie games make it to Steam, the better.