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    This community ....

    Jesus Christ, half of all the posts on the Lounge are ****ing depressing. What happened to my :(
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    how's it going, what's up in your life, and who are all these people

    - All good - Coming back to this site after years and years is like coming home again. :) - I'm surprised I still remember most of these names!
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    I was 13 when I joined this forum. Now I'm nearly 21!

    Have you ever read something you either wrote or typed when you were a kid? I was an annoying piece of shit as a 13 year old, I don't know how you guys ever dealt with that.
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    How's everyone doing??

    ...I'm having a kind of crisis right now. Merciful Lord in Heaven, what the **** happened? I haven't visited this site in like a year, the layout's different, there's different regular members (sorta), THE ****ING SITE NAME IS DIFFERENT... I'm gonna need some time to wrap my head around this.
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    New Whitelist Information

    Oh. Thanks!
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    New Whitelist Information

    Err, add BumBum. I'm kind of confused... we switched to another server? I haven't been on the forums very much lately, so I'm kind of behind on what's going on. Sorry.
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    Minecraft = Love

    You don't need to know where the save files are located for INVedit. You can just click the little arrow next to the world icon and it will tell you "Open from World......".
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    7 Mother-Fing Years

    Man, to think that I was... um... 13 or 12 when I joined. Good. God.
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    Ya so this would freak me the hell out

    This was EXACTLY what I was thinking when I read OP's post.
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    vBulletin 4.0 Feedback

    Oh my god! I need to be on top of things on this site more, because I had no idea we had a major revamp until now! Good job staff, the site looks really good now.
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    Man, that pixelatomy render reminds me of Goon City.
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    Updated: Left 4 Dead Comic Series Launched [Part 4 Out]

    I'm really loving it so far, but one thing that's confusing me in Part 2 is
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    Minecraft Skins

    OK, I got it. Here's one I edited a while ago. The True Assassin.
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    Minecraft Skins

    Aw man, I have so many cool skins that I want to post.... but I'm not sure how.