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    Minor Half-Life 3 Reference Found Within Dota 2 Workshop Tools

    I really think there should be some kind of community made documentary about Half-Life's fanbase. Just being able to record the reactions of people when they it's released would be cool enough, and showing how dedicated we are to finding these types of things too
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    TF2's Sinking Ship

    I play steel Highlander (9v9) And they really have their shit together, More than half the weapons are banned and all elements of randomness like Crits and Damage Spread are gone. When you wipe all the bullshit off pub servers TF2 can actually be really balanced and fun, I totally reccomend...
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    TF2's Sinking Ship

    ah yes, TF2 has a awesome community with some really nice people, but MVM is apparently where we put all the assholes
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    TF2's Sinking Ship

    Uhm Are you only joining trade servers or something? Ive never heard of someone being kicked for not having nice hats or even using a bullshit loadout, Try looking for Valve's servers or some other good sever hosts like fire powered
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    TF2's Sinking Ship

    After watching star's recent video I think my outlook on this update has changed its like, TF2 team seems to have this kind of collective a.d.d, All they do is put out new things then forget about them, Replays being a good example. They need to seriously overhaul the entire game, Maybe source...
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    TF2 "Smissmas 2014" Update Released - New "Mannpower" Gamemode Revealed

    Well looks like the days of pinball demo men are over. It was nice while it lasted
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    22nd December 2014 + Winter Updates Are Here! - ValveTime News Round-Up

    Great episode, as always Happy holidays guys.