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    Newest MOH trailer

    Wow... That looks sweet. Great soundtrack as well. Looking forward to this one. I hope the SP campaign is of decent length & not a slapped together 10hrs, just to say it has a SP, when really it's just another MP based shooter. My fingers are crossed. -MRG
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    Just Cause 2 Demo is Out!

    I have the original "Just Cause" & played it for all of about 2 hours before I got bored & put the game away. Fast forward a couple years & I am finding that JC2 is much more enjoyable than the original was, even though it seems to be pretty much the same game, only better looking. I have had my...
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    Muslim Group threaten to kill "South Park" creators Any Comments? -MRG
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    Netflix streaming likely coming to Android

    Also for those of you that have a Wii, you can now watch shows & movies streaming from Netflix. You just have to order the *special* Netflix disk ( Free to existing members ) to access & play shows & movies on your Wii, which I just ordered. "Back in the day" I used to watch a few Netflix shows...
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    *spoilers* Kick-Ass, hands down, it was pretty...

    My daughter really wants to see this movie. I watched the tail end of one trailer while on break @ work & from what I saw, it looks somewhat funny. Not so sure that I'll be paying full price to go see it at the theaters, but I will at some point watch it. Perhaps once it makes it's way to DVD or...
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    Does anyone else think co-op should be a standard feature these days?

    I wish more PC games came with Coop. I have always enjoyed playing coop based games with friends & family over LAN. When not out fishing with my daughter or otherwise spending time with her, the two of us very much enjoy playing games together over LAN. Coop games like the awesome Serious Sam...
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    Case & Heatsink Ordered

    My new system is all put together & with the exception of a few odd quirks, I am very pleased. I have had the system crash twice, though that is only after I plugged in all the case fans & lights. ( x4 fans + LED's ) I believe that my 5 year old Antec 480w PSU is to blame, since when I have...
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    Case & Heatsink Ordered

    2 days ago I got an e-mail from Newegg with a tracking number link for the Case & HS. For whatever reason, the link did not work the past few times I tried it. As I was checking my mail early this morning before going to bed, I decided to try the link once more & was happy to see that the link...
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    Case & Heatsink Ordered

    LMAO! Good catch. Pic updated. Thx! :thumbs: -MRG
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    Metro 2033 is out, and it has far exceeded my expectations.

    Hey now! Them be fighting words! Metro 2033 was very fun & the Stalker series is great. At least in my opinion. :P Sorry you didn't care for it. -MRG
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    Case & Heatsink Ordered

    Good observation Barney Fife, As a matter of fact I did look into that before I chose the Case. One of the biggest concerns that I came across when reading about the S1283 HS, was that it was pretty big & tall & for some, didn't fit in their mid-size towers. I also read that on some mobo's...
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    Case & Heatsink Ordered

    Quite true & in fact I looked for this case without the PSU, & found one, though on another site & for more than Newegg listed it for. To date, I have never used a PSU that came with a new case & have always advised against their use to those I built systems for. That being said, I have an older...
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    Case & Heatsink Ordered

    I normally do as well & the last time I had ANY colored fan lights in my case was around 5 years ago when I bought an Xblade case. I had it for about 2 months before I grew tired of it & gave it to my sister. I have about 25 fans of all sizes here among my surplus PC parts that I have salvaged...
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    Case & Heatsink Ordered

    Greetings all, I ordered the final 2 parts for my new budget PC today from Newegg. While I don't care for bright & colorful cases, with my current case being an ugly beige beast that is over 5 years old & easily looks it, the Smilodon case somehow caught my eye & judging from it's internal...
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    Metro 2033 is out, and it has far exceeded my expectations.

    Thanks for clearing that up!