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    Max Payne 3?

    I hope they make a MaxPayne 3, I loved the first two. however their "we can't do multiplayer because there would be no way to implement bullet time in it" was and is complete and utter bullshit. they better have MP in the next version. or someone should port The Specialists mod for Half life...
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    Suggestions for a game for my gf?

    girl games hmmm well the first one I got my wife playing was the sims, then sims 2 she enjoyed those, she likes black and white 2 World of Warcraft is another one, but it takes a lotta time and dedication lol (in teaching her how to play) I taught her to play WOW and she hadn't ever used a...
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    Wii...or XB360?

    f you don't have much money/don't need a console capable of DVD, or Next gen dvd (blu ray and HD-DVD)don't have a HDTV/Monitor, don't care about visuals all that much... go for the Wii. otherwise, treat yourself to a xbox 360.. or wait for the ps3. remember if all that you are concerned...
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    My PGR3 Photos Gallery (not 56k safe)

    phenomenal pics, nice work
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    Gears of War ad

    see I hear what you are saying, but all I used to do with my bro is play Halo, and Halo 2 coop (on xbox) and we pretty much did that, duck, shoot, flank. this game is based on those concepts and it floors us :D being able to supress fire your enemy while your bro flanks em is gonna be neat...
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    Gears of War ad

    yeah co-op is gonna be the shit. repetitive gameplay? isn't that every game ever though? it's a shooter with a cover system twist, however it still possesses all the normal stuff a shooter would, lotsa guns, multiplayer, blood and explosions etc. what's gonna make the game for me, will...
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    EA sells game Tutorials

    that is not the point... we are paying them extra, no matter if it's 1 penny or 100 bucks, its extra, for instructional videos to PLAY THEIR GAME. **** next manuals won't come standard.. we gonna be paying the price of strategy guides to see what requirements a game has. **** that, and...
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    The offical Go **** yourself EA Thread

    EA games = warez fodder I hate EA
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    Gears of War ad

    heh I was gonna post that too, yeah it's an awesome ad Gary Jules rendition of Tears for Fears' 'Mad World" is blissful, loved it in Donnie Darko too
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    Thompson to face contempt charges?

    also it's called Bully, a play on the name of the school "bullworth" it's not really about being a bully... its about being a kid and fitting in with/manipulating different cliques. I think thompson merely sees the name "bully" and tries to capitalize on images of columbine
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    Thompson to face contempt charges?

    of all the games to bring to court... bully... yeah right. because slingshots are a hell of a lot more dangerous and have a heavier hit to our social mindset than say I dunno machine guns, hookers, dismemberment etc. please.
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    Guitar Hero 2 Demo

    nope no NIN, besides NIN is industrial mostly electronic, the guitar is used in fills sometimes and the odd solo here and there, there aren't many NIN "guitar songs".. by the way I love NIN, best band ever tyvm :D anywhoo, the closest thing to decent on the gh2 tracklist in my book is "Lamb...
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    Alien vs. Predator 2

    pitch black... alien goo... flashlights on, ooh is that a human in the wall stuff there? .... "Kill meeee...." wicked stuff.
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    Company of Heroes = the best game ever?

    gotta agree here folks, CoH is the best strategy game in eons... this revitalized my interest in the genre, and Im looking forward to C&C3 like a moflo now. also anything new from relic in the future will def be on my to get list. I really enjoyed their Warhammer 40k games too... however...
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    Some news about PS3 from Sony Gamer's Day, plus heck of a lot screens (56K)

    it cannot be replaced ever? I highly doubt that.... that would be like making controllers outta pineapples and the pineapples would rot so that we would have to buy new pineapples to keep playing! (Penny Arcade) well the systems (both core and premium ps3) come with usb cables which plug...