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    Any way to save your posts?

    14 years of aging. Jesus christ.
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    Who do I have to blow to get a copy of the database?

    God Raziaar...ennui?? I haven't been here for ages, good to see you guys are here. What happened to the domain
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    feel like i havent posted here in years i miss your guys pointless filth and bile, it is comforting
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    re: depressed as hell. Looking for suggestions.

    In the lazarus pit...babyheadcrab. You will get out mate, have faith. You are only 24 for crying out loud! You are not at the end. Nor at the beginning of the end! Not even close to it. So young Pulsing with youth and potential. Cripples, dementia patients and kids with cancer would give...
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    So my friend asked me a question that I had no idea how to reply to.

    put your cock in his mouth, if he sucks...well..the answer has been revealed.
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    Butt Wiping

    bidets accomplish this task, do they not? Water + ass= goodness
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    UPDATED: Half-Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3, Source 2 + Much More Found on Valve Project Tracker

    any mention of a new day of defeat in there?
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    Hi guys what's going on on this website

    **** i haven't been here for ages.
  9. Mr-Fusion First Kiss

    Girls love the initiative. Grab her kiss her and presss your pulsating cock into her tummy for good measure. Hell yeah.
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    The Hobbit - Part 1

    God, aka Peter Jackson, looks like he's done it again. I can't wait for the scene with the giant spiders!! Invisible bilbo slashing spiders muahahahahaha This looks like it will be a rollicking barrel of funness. Thank you Peter Jackson, my god. I will lay a new rose on my statue of you I...
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    I love all
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    The Hobbit - Part 1

    Ok i jut finished reading the hobbit. Fantastic kids fantasy. Cant wait to see many scenes on the big screen - dwarves being captured by giant spiders - beorn in bear attack mode tearing goblins apart
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    Surprise Surprise Transformers 3 continues the trilogy of suck

    Is ther more o prime dialogue! He simply doesnt speak enough! My hero!
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    Sneaky Chinese are sneaky

    Americans were told it was "very brest micro chiP! You like! You like! Bery cheap! Cant get better!"