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  1. MorganFreeman911 Reunion Gaming day/night?

    Yep, you got it! Seeya tonight!
  2. MorganFreeman911 Reunion Gaming day/night?

    Yeah so a bunch of us were talking on facebook earlier (Melanie, Pitzmeier, Xevrex, BHC, and Higlac) and we decided to game tomorrow. 8:30CST is the time. Post here if you're interested. Also, sorry if I forgot anybody in the aside earlier in the first sentence, it's hard to remember...
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    Why won't they talk?

    May as well be an actual quote with all the hope I have left in that game.
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    Games: Rate and Discuss

    War Thunder:What can I say? It's a game about airplanes shooting eachother. It's pretty fun, all things considered, but it's got its fair share of glitches, and idiots who FLY DIRECTLY INTO ME WHO ARE ON MY TEAM. I actually have a lot of fun playing this game, but for some reason I do WAY...
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    I don't know if I qualify as a Newbie, but..

    I decided to log in and see if anything was going on. I might post a bit sometimes, I don't know. Either way, hello again.
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    I got an iPhone. What do I do?

    I hope you love iTunes!
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    Back from the dead

    Hey look I did too. I haven't signed on since it was, but I decided to come by today. HI.
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    Rumour: "Wake up and smell the ashes"

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    Secret Santa Discussion 2011

    Thanks Dekky <3 I got the Introversion Bundle, Plants v Zombies, S.P.A.Z, and Amnesia the Dark Descent (I'm too afraid to play it :( ) EDIT: I guess he didn't get 5 copies of Saw: The Game.
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    EVE Online

    To be fair, I've flown with the Goons a few times, and it's a blast. What they do in corporate isn't my concern, but I'm having loads of fun in the TEST Please Ignore alliance (Dreddit corp)
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year in 23 hours and 11 minutes!
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    steam games

    I'll 1up that. $900
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    Generals 2

    :o Whaat