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    Help with my site

    I'm confused, and this is why I never would use GoDaddy.
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    OXM Reviews Left 4 Dead

    What a sweet score, I knew it'd be something like that. That's high for the Xbox though.
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    So now that Obama will be President, will McCain tell him how to catch Osama?

    I do to, but I don't anything will happen.
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    The Mandatory "What are you listening to now?" thread

    Tupac - Dear Mamma
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    Rate the last game you played

    Team Fortress 2 - Played it many times, just finished it up again not to long ago. Great online-play. 9/10
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    Is there a sports section on here?

    I thought that movie would be stupid, turned out hilarious.
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    Ghost Town starring Ricky Gervais.

    I haven't seen it yet, it looks okay though.
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    The Mandatory "What are you listening to now?" thread

    Eminem - Stan
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    Haunting or Creepy Art

    That image is awesome.
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    I think it's unique in many ways, 8/10.
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    To all who voted for Obama...

    Good idea, but then more ranting may start again.
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    Lol, I keep seeing her everywhere.
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    Terminator 4 concept art

    The terminator should have just been kept as it was.
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    GM to go bankrupt by early 2009, Ford by 2010, ask for $25 Billion bailout

    It's ****ing amazing to, how they keep going and going all over the world.