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    Haven't been here in some time

    Gordon = gman from the future
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    I ran into some biozeminades yesterday

    needless to say I shit myself I really wasn't expecting it.
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    Half-Life Artist Ted Backman has left Valve

    Why would you hate Marc Laidlaw? Odd way to say he's a good dude. Do you just hate other people by default? Sounds like you better get off the internet and out in the sun for once. dumb nerd
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt announced

    Wish there was a Wheel of Time game that was on teh scope of the witcher 3. Let's get some misandry in here and even up the score brahs!
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    Black Mesa Source coming alive once again

    No Xen...**** them
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    Is there anything for a person like me to be excited about Valve wise?

    Half-Life 3 is being announced at e3 happy now? ****ing nerd
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    The Waiting Game - Half-Life 3

    Parts you know the green bastard?
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    The Waiting Game - Half-Life 3

    not interested in your gay gamespot videos, sorry
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    E3 2014, is there any hope?

    Half-Life 3 is in here *points to head*, and in here *points to heart*
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    Will you boycott HL3?

    Yes....I will be waiting at Valve headquarters with flaming bags of poo when the release date comes around
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    found this cruising the internet, thoughts?

    don't know why you guys are talking about something that doesn't exist...
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    This community ....

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    ARMA 3

    The first time I went to greece in 08 I was warned not to take pictures of any soldiers or military installations. I'm guessing they had maps and notes about the bases that were on the island and things like that. I can see how it would look suspicious, but I would think that being game...
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    ARMA 3

    I just want to play CityLife 3...