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    Best offline split screen co-op shooters on 360?

    Title says it all. My and my brother are looking for any recommendations. So far I'm looking at left 4 dead 2 and borderlands 2. Any ideas?
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    iPhone gaming - I shall bathe in your hatred

    I'd best sell my iphone and cancel that hotel room in Paris then Goddamnit I was enjoying being poor
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    iPhone gaming - I shall bathe in your hatred

    YES man, YES. This is nigh on perfect. Everyone must play this Really? That's bad news. I was just eyeing up Escape from Monkey Island... Surely they cant have ****ed that up too bad?
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    iPhone gaming - I shall bathe in your hatred

    Recenty I was unfortunate enough to purchase an iphone. Now, £300 or so in debt, I begin to question my sanity at the time. Anyway to the point - does anyone here have any recommendations as to games? Free / paid / in depth / pick up and play / I try pretty much anything. So far everything...
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    whiskey needs mixing. perhaps

    **** you cow imitator
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    whiskey needs mixing. perhaps

    That is not me. It is, however, representative of how stupid/drumk I feel right now. So the question. I am alone and have drunk faaaaar too much whiskay. which is good and also bad. because drunk and whickey almost finished. Also long distance relationships **** YOU ATLANTIC **** YOU *ahem*...
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    Gnome Chompski shows up.. in Battlefield 3

    Battlefield 3 is out??
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    World's richest woman says African workers want to work for less than $2 a day

    Being African, I for one think that 1. This woman is full of shite 2. Moon factories. NOW
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    Films: Rate and Discuss

    The hammer corridor scene?
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    Does anyone play Trials Evo on xboxlive?

    You have a BlackBerry? Impressive.
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    Where Am I? What's Happening? Who Are All You People?

    A custom title? You must be the final relic of what was once ""
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    If youre having cat problems, buy a dog.
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    Post a screenshot!

    What game sorry?
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    Post a screenshot!

    So how bad is future soldier?