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    Stalker 2 officially cancelled. working on F2P FPS instead

    A bunch of F2P games getting announced recently. I will be interesting to see how they go about doing that... it's not as simple as it sounds.
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    Oh man, they are all over the place. Even though we're way up north, we still got access to most of the things the rest of the western world do :)
  3. Majestic XII - College decisions

    Asia (china, india etc) are pretty big players, and will only grow in the future, so I think it's a wise decision :) As long as it's something you enjoy doing, that's the most important thing.
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    All EA brands to be made into "online universes"

    Everything you can do to make a game more social is something worth looking in to. If that's an app you have on your phone to organize groups, characters, items or do some side quests is one thing, more direct involvement for developers is another. Hopefully it won't cost gamers anything...
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    EA voted worst company by the consumerist

    EA is the most glorious company in the world.
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    Cat are great and you are awesome for having them Pi. As for breakfast, avocado. Avocado on everything!
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    Portal 2 spoiler thread

    Wait! ...Caroline is.... FREEMAN?!
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    Decadence Released

    The site is up again :) We tried to calculate the ranks for all the players to put it on the site... guess it was a bit too much to ask from the webserver :) We'll get it some other way!
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    Decadence Released

    You can get it at: We have a torrent too, but since the site is so slow, its pretty impossible to download the...
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    Decadence Released

    Oh noes, sorry about the website being so slow guys. It just started acting up... great timing right :) Also, worth to point out. This mod is ONLY 2v2, that means if you join a server with 4 or more players in, you will spectate the map (and join a slot when it becomes available). If you want...
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    K I don't even like this kind of music. Classic tune. It's part Daft Punk since Thomas Bangalter (and two other dudes) made it. And techno:
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    What's this, no Angry Monkey?
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    Do you give a sh17 about Macs?

    You're pretty much stuck to the hardware Apple wants you to have (graphic cards for example), and you get get more powerful stuff if you buy it for PC and put it in yourself. It's not dumbed down, just open a terminal and try to figure out what to do with it (Hey, it's just like Linux!). Apple...
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    Do you give a sh17 about Macs?

    I don't see why people bother with fighting over which is better, it's getting really old. Just get what you want and thats that. I've been using PC's all my life, and the next computer I'm getting is probably an iMac. I'm getting bored with Windows (before you mention it, I use Linux as well)...
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    What's Your Job?

    Working on my Bachelor degree in game development. Last term and everything!