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    Valve To Remove Steam Workshop Mod Payment Scheme

    No, modders deserve no money, community showed that loud and clear.
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    Half Life source vs Half Life original

    there is better water shader in HL:S
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    Your favorite game music ever?

    Red Alert 2
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    Could BreenGrub be considered canon?

    I think Ive read somewhere on this site that whole HL2 is non-canon
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    Half-Life 3 Site Under Construction

    or that server provider is doing something on their own
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    E3 2014, is there any hope?

    what would they showcase at E3 anyway? they are making only money now
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    Default Weapon Models?

    hm editing weapons vmts so they have only base map may help
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    Source 2 Left 4 Dead 2 Prototype Screenshots Leaked

    no updates on article? why did I find it in RSS as new article?
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    Half-Life 3 Referenced in Source Filmmaker Render Code

    no, it is no longer easy to get hyped about hl3 news
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    Question about Hitboxes

    since there are no bullets in CS:S, only hitscans, forget about ballistics and play for fun and "DONT USE HAX FAG LOL"
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    A requirement checker

    write it into chat - that will parse it into clickable link or run it from win/start/run
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    A requirement checker

    steam://checksysreqs/440 replace 440 with steam id of game of your choice
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    Introducing Steam Music

    edit: built in player that would not be very resource-heavy and would let you play music while playing games would quite awsum