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    Counter-Strike: Source Update

    Worst April fools joke ever!!!!
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    Why Valve Why!!?

    totally agree with you Laguna
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    Quite nice (IMHO) wallpaper (highest quality)

    I could do that in Photoshop :)
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    Quite nice (IMHO) wallpaper (highest quality)

    Photoshop dumbasses :P
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    How far would you go?

    counter strike 1.6
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    Fortress Forever Update

    wow!! looks awesome :D I soo want this mod now :)
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    de_train is being ported to source!!

    how nice :)
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    Can't see Spray logos

    got the same problem.. and I cant see blood :( someone plz help
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    CS: is it like Tactical Ops based on Unreal Tournament?

    TO is more of a deathmatch style of game
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    How do I play demorecs?

    dont work! :S I get: playdemo C:\mygame1.dem CDemoFile:: Open: couldn't open file C.dem for reading.
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    How do I play demorecs?

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    How do I play demorecs?

    I've downloaded a demorec from a css match and I dont know where to put the .dem file and how to play it!? Yes I have tried to search! :P
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    i'm getting kinda worried. about my specs.

    I got a ATi radeon 9200 128 mb... its not Mobility... dont know if that makes a diffrens but Im runing my 9200 on a p4 2,6 and 512 ram.. I run css in dx7 mode And Im runing at 30-100 fps
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    Graphics Problems

    well.. my avatar is a ninja!! you cant eat a ninja, you just cant :p
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    Graphics Problems

    trust me Taig! Aztec looks like that because your runing in DIRECT X 7 mode :p So either you go to your autoexe file and change mat_dxlevel 70 to mat_dxlevel 81 Or you do as I said before and add: -dxlevel 81 to your launch options ´ (lol exodusuk!) ;)